Maureen from CA reviews

Justin Chase Mullins, you are undoubtedly the most gifted psychic medium I have ever worked with. I have spoke with Slyvia Browne, all of the big ones!!! Since I discovered you, no one has even come close to having the abilities that you have. Your guidance, compassion, and accuracy are unparalleled.   Grateful for your insight and the day I saw you on television. You are the BEST. (2018)

He said things that nobody outside my family could know. He knew what we buried my sister in. It shocked me. He threw out numbers, and they all validated what he said. His warm demeanor and Southern charm, make him easy to talk to. If you want answers, this is your person. No sugar coating or bull, just what is. This is the only one I will ever use again. Thank you, Justin. You calmed me and moved me.Intense and insightful."(Maureen 2014, CA)

Vanessa from Virginia review

Being a very private and independent person, I was hesitant to obtain a reading. With the passing of my husband almost two years ago, I always had a feeling of selfishness in moments of happiness and fear in moments when I had to make big decisions for my boys and I. I have always believed in signs and being a big fan of Instagram as kind of an journal for myself, I was suggested to follow Justin. After viewing his website, and reading his background, I decided it was time for some closure. From the start of the reading I felt comfortable. Justin was respectfully professional, but had an empathy in his voice that showed he truly cares about each interaction. I expected information about my Husband only, but my Grandfather was the first to reach out, then my Father, and next my Mother. My parents died tragically and because of that, I never talked about them, even to close friends, and without judgement, Justin was able to touch on their passing but focus on their message to me. Justin touched on so many specific details and when my Husband reached out, I wasn't just given answers to the questions my heart had, I was provided answers in only ways that the man that had my heart for 12 years would be able to answer me and give me guidance in a way that my stubborn self would actually listen to. I absolutely needed that reading and it was definitely meant to happen when it did. Justin made the experience worth it from beginning to end. Not a moment was wasted and I felt that he genuinely wanted to help me heal in any way that he could. Being a mother, everything I do has to be absolutely worth it, and a reading with Justin completely was.


Natalie from Australia’s review

Justin Chase Mullins has an exceptional gift! I have never seen anyone with a gift as honed as his. He is absolutely, legitimately the real deal and I would recommend ANYONE to give him a will not be disappointed! He is absolutely outstanding!”

It was perfect timing when I had my call with Justin, his ability to spell out to me what was happening around me to do with work and my personal life was mind blowing.

He also was able to describe people in my life who have passed that are near me with so much detail. He was able to not only tell me what they look like and their habits or mannerisms, but he also called their names out correctly! It was amazing!

Thank you, Justin you are magical 😊

Mary’s review

 I just loved my session with Justin! The clarity of the reading and description of loved ones that came through were surprisingly precise. Justin delivered the reading with gentleness, empathy, and kindness. A true Southern gentleman! Thanks and hugs to you Justin! I'll definitely be calling again.   Mary O'Maley, CA



Sams review

I had my second phone reading with Justin and must say that Justin has an incredible gift. During my reading Justin made contact with my brother & Grandmother who passed, he shared exact names of family members, an awareness of present events, health conditions, and even cause of death. He knew details regarding my life that he couldn’t possibly know unless he knew me personally. Justin also mentioned a few life events that have already come to pass regarding relationships and career. He doesn’t ask you questions or try and prompt you to give information. He is authentic, genuine, and a pleasure to speak with. He’s definitely the only one that I would recommend to anyone.

— Sam, FL

Heather's Review

Justin Chase Mullins has an exceptional gift. I have gotten two readings from him and I was astounded by his accuracy and how easily it flowed from him. Not only did he spell out so much about me, and my life, he did it with such compassion and grace. First person who I’ve gotten a reading from that made me see things in a different light. I have been more observant about my actions; and I have truly been trying to put his advice to use.
He also was able to describe people in my life who have passed that are near me with so much detail. He was able to not only tell me what they look like and their habits or mannerisms, but he also called their names out correctly! It was amazing! I have never seen anyone with a gift as honed as his. He is absolutely, legitimately the real deal and I would recommend ANYONE to give him a will not be disappointed! He is absolutely outstanding!
— Heather, Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew

Samantha's Review

I spoke with Justin during a tough day, It was my dad’s birthday, and he passed a few months earlier. I was struggling with a variety of emotions that day, and Justin put my worries at ease. He knew things about the situation that no one could have known, including names,articles of clothing and favorite foods. Our conversation brought me a lot of peace and comfort and I was able to put some uncomfortable feelings at rest. I’m very grateful to him and I value him as a friend.
— Samantha, VA

Rae Gena's Review

If you have ever been curious of what your future holds, you should contact Justin Chase Mullins, he's a local medium, and is totally legit!! We crossed paths when I was at a very dark place in my life. I had just lost my grandparents in a tragic house fire, was trying to work out a 15 yr failed marriage, and just starting a horrible custody battle. I was a mess when I met Justin, but he gave me hope. He told me many details about my current situation, I watched in real time as events unfolded. He connected with my recently deceased grandparents that he could have never known. He described my Grandfather down to height, physical description, clothes, that he liked to draw, design things with his hands, sketches, that my Mamaw liked to paint, make cobblers, their health problems, and the description of the house, down to the exterior features.  He told me that I would soon meet and marry a man with the last name Stanley. He also told me this man would be tall, dark headed, sometimes clean shaven, blue collar, and would already have a child of his own. That I would be happier than I've ever been. He also said, that I would have another child. I never planned on having anymore children, but to my surprise, we are expecting. Everything he told me would happen has. He knew I would be going back to school and doing photography again. You should get a reading. Justin is awesome!! 

Sarah Yeary's Review

Justin is a talented medium! I've always believed in the gift but few people are able to clearly provide accurate predictions. Those with a talent like Justin can be found few and far between. He has proven his talent to me on many occasions. I have seen his predictions on a global and person level come to pass. He described my grandmother who has passed with accuracy in details he would have had no way of knowing. He is easy to talk to, and has been a wonderful spiritual guide in my life. Thank you JCM for all you do! (Sarah, Virginia)

Tiffany Powers Review

Justin is so accurate it's scary! He told me exactly what would happen with my relationship, my divorce, my move and even a new person coming into my life. He got the dates 100 percent accurate for major events during this time. He also connected with my grandmother and was so accurate. He described a major health issue, knew her cause of death, described her perfectly down to hair style, color, and appearance.  I was blown away that Justin knew I had her gold earrings and were actually wearing them during the reading. He provided messages from her, including that I ate chocolate all day. He gave a message that I really needed to hear. He is so talented and also a great person! I am so lucky to know him!!!! I will be coming back for more!!!! -Tiffany Powers

Katie's Review

Justin never ceases to amaze me. Back in December Justin randomly contacted me saying baby for you in 2017. I am not sure if he knew this or not, but that sentence had been what I had been praying for. A few months later Justin contacted me again to say that we would be expecting some exciting news around Easter time. Sure enough, I was able to share some very exciting news with family around the Easter holiday. My husband and I are now expecting a child the last month of 2017. What a miracle life is! How lucky are we to have people in our lives to pull us back up and tell us to expect great things in the future?
— Katie, Iowa

Minty's Review

I recently had the pleasure of my first reading with Justin and, honestly, could not have been more pleased. Justin immediately put me at ease and the nervousness I felt in the beginning of the reading was replaced with a deep sense of calm and comfort. I wasn’t sure who might come through, but I had prayed that it would be my mom. She was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer two years ago — and died just five short weeks after receiving the diagnosis. Since her passing, I had very specific questions that had been continuously swirling around in my mind. At times, it felt like they were on permanent replay and they were driving me crazy. I shared no personal information nor names of persons that I hoped to receive messages from before Justin began the reading. What happened next absolutely blew me away! He immediately connected with a female that had actually made her presence known to him before calling me at our scheduled time. He described her perfectly down to the smallest of details. He next described her illness, types of treatments she received in the hospital and, most importantly, I the moments that I had shared with mom on the morning of her passing. The level of in-depth details amazed me. No one outside of mom’s ICU room could have known what happened during those last few hours. It was as if Justin himself had been in her room. My prayers were truly being answered! Without a shadow of a doubt, it was clearly obvious that the woman whom he had quickly connected with was my mom. I silently thanked God and then revealed to Justin who the woman was. I was stunned and in tears as Justin conveyed mom’s messages. They were the answers to the questions that had been swirling around non-stop in my mind for the last two years. Justin gave me a priceless gift for which I will forever be grateful. I very much look forward to future readings with Justin. He’s the real deal!
— M. Raines, Virginia

Review by Megan Le Fey

Justin is the real deal.  I’m a Top LA psychic and very picky who I let read for me.  Justin was on the money with uncanny details about my love life which came to pass in the timeframe he saw.  He also nailed that I would be getting a lot of bloodwork and other labs done back to back.  It turned out that my vitamin levels had been low and my doc suddenly was having me in for lab after lab.  My diet changed as he said it would and I’m beginning to rapidly lose weight.  Justin also predicted my acting and modeling picking up really fast, which to my surprise it has.  He was detailed and accurate and compassionate.  Justin also has a great personality and sense of humor.  Not to mention an awesome southern accent.  I highly recommend him.  He knows his stuff and is able to nail dates, names, details, and do it with a loving manner. That’s the mark of a great psychic in my book.  Book a reading. You won’t regret it.

-Megan L.

Review by Phil Summers of SC (My Ghost Story)

*Justin Chase Mullins, by far, is one of the best psychics in the industry to work with if you are looking for accuracy, and consistency in a psychic medium. I have personally been a colleague of Justin’s for nearly a decade, and have seen him pull off some incredible predictions not only in my personal life, but also regarding pop culture, world events, and politics. As a person who identifies as a scientifically grounded, skeptical individual, I can honestly say I have been mesmerized, and impressed with his abilities. I also can note Justin’s skills have turned a strong skeptic of psychic mediums to a believer. Not only are his skills as a psychic amazing, he’s a down to earth person who can empathically connect to your individual temperament and emotions during readings. In closing, Justin is definitely worth it, and I highly recommend his services.*

Mark "Robo" Clark Review

Big shout out to Justin Chase Mullins for spot on health assessment to ease my wife’s worry. Your the man it was my medications and not my heart like you said. I really do appreciate you and your psychic gift of spot on knowing. It was your early prediction last year that had already exposed my heart problems and are all now being fixed from three 90% blockages and four heart stents later and maybe another in my leg at a later time they have to heal me first from prior complications.
— Mark "Robo" Clark, Paranormal Investigator, SC

Brittney P Review

I have been friends with Justin for a few years. The first time we spoke, I will admit I was skeptical. We had never spoken and hadn't even known each other before that initial message. He immediately reached back out to me and started reading me from thousands of miles away. I was shocked..the things he said about my father who had passed that year were spot on and the reading was exactly what I needed. Coming from someone I had never spoken to, it was a little insane. He and I became friends over the next several months and his ability would continue to amaze me. Our bond had gone through some hell, especially since we are both highly sensitive. Together we had done an investigation in a negative location and after being attacked by a negative spirit physically and mentally, he truly saved my well being at that time and the few months following the attack. During the same trip, he also felt empowered to follow me out of a location when I got upset and it is a good thing he did.. I walked off a step from the building and he grabbed my neck of my shirt (choking me pretty much because that was the only thing holding me back from going forward), and stopped me from falling down the stairs and breaking my neck. Literally. He had a vision of me falling to my death, as I was walking away to go out of the door in the first place. I love watching him continue to grow with his abilities and I recommend anyone who is wanting a reading of any kind to book a reading with Justin. Most recently, he had told me that I would find the man who I will spend the rest of my life with..he had told me the time frame of when this man and I would meet, physical features of the man, and the type of job this man would have. Every single thing was 100% correct. But most importantly, he is a down to earth guy and doesn't let his ego get in the way of his business. He really is the real deal! Contact him to book for a reading! (Brittney, Iowa)

Jennifer Shackford Review

A reoccurring client and colleague was kind enough to leave a testimonial about a reading that I conducted for her. She's one of the best Mediums out there and one of the future rising stars in our field. I'm very grateful, and humbled to know such a wonderful person as Jennifer! If you are in the MA area be sure to check out one of her events, classes, and group readings!

I have been getting readings from Justin Chase Mullins for a few years now. Every time I am amazing by his accuracy, validation and powerfulness of his readings. He very accurately describes my surroundings and what he “sees”! I trust him and his direct connection to The Divine! Thank you Justin for another great reading!!!!
— Reverend Jennifer Shackford, CHT, Reiki Master, Spirit Communicator, Holistic Health Practioner