Justin Chase Mullins is an internationally renowned psychic medium.  He is a "survival evidence" medium which means he's able to give evidential proof of life after death through the messages from those in heaven.  For Justin, being born and raised in Clintwood  lent to his earthy boy-next-door charm, good natured personality, and southern sense of humor.  Despite appearing on television, radio, Justin considers himself a very normal man who has been blessed with an extraordinary gift.  His hometown is a coalfield town with a small population, think the Andy Griffith Show meets Friday Night Lights.  Justin is a rarity for his region, psychics and mediums simply do not originate from this area, and actively practice. These abilities are very natural to Justin, this is not something he ever sought out to develop or be trained for, but rather being a psychic medium is very natural and apart of who he is. He considers Spirit to be his greatest teacher.

To Justin, life has always been very supernatural, and he believed life was like this for everyone.  Later in life, he learned his experiences was not the norm. For the most part, Justin considers his upbringing ranging from his childhood to college years as being very normal, he dated, had a love for sports, working out, writing, and movies. Justin kept his experiences very private, and didn't always focus on his abilities. The focus intensely manifested later in his 20's.  

Looking back, Justin can recall that his childhood was filled with various paranormal experiences. At the time, Justin never considered himself a psychic medium, nor even knew this profession was a possibility until later in life. He can recall a knowing, that he had an ability to help others and a belief that one day he would achieve a level of fame for himself.  Although he never sought being a psychic or medium, unknowingly, these abilities have always been apart of his life.  They manifested very early in the form of intense prophetic dreams, nightly paranormal encounters, including even seeing Shadow Figures dart around his house during the day time.  Justin recalls riding in the car, closing his eyes, with the ability to see random images.   Near the age of 10 years old, he was at a friends house and recalls seeing a very tall older man who was deceased standing in the hallway, bloody, carrying a large knife, and wearing a brown work uniform.  

Justin recalls at a very early age being drawn to the paranormal section of the public library.   "I can remember renting books on ESP, telepathy, dream interpretation, The Amityville Haunting, just to name a few subjects." Justin explains, "During my teenage years, I never labeled myself as a psychic or medium, but I always knew that I had a gift through the process of having dreams that come true, feeling the emotions of others, knowing how situations would work out, and what peoples true intentions were. I did not have control over the ability to talk to the dead as a child and teenager, although I did sense and see those that have crossed over.The control of that ability came later in life."  Justin recalls a dream his junior year of High School, in his dream he was flying over the baseball field and saw someone playing in the position that he wanted to play, he heard a voice saying, you will not play baseball anymore.  Justin never played baseball again. Throughout elementary and high school, Justin had to overcome a severe speech impediment.  He struggled with his grades, had issues with fitting in, while experiencing severe bullying all through school. He experienced a severe broken nose that required surgery after an accident in the basketball gym, resulting in trying out for the JV basketball team a few days after surgery, and being cut from the team. At the time, Justin was very sports focused. Looking back, Justin considers his past as preparation for being unique and not fitting into the norm of society with his abilities and profession.

Justin recalls in the early 2000's, walking into an abandoned location alleged to be haunted. He recalls the overwhelming sense of  energy within the location, he felt a strong presence.  Throughout the early 2000's,  from time to time Justin would embrace the psychic-side to his personality in knowing how things would turn out.  "During my freshman year of college in a public speaking class I gave a speech on dream interpretation.  I can recall throughout the 1990's watching the infamous Miss Cleo commercials. That was my only reference to what a psychic or medium was, and I knew I wasn't like Miss Cleo. One of the first psychics that I really identified with was Chip Coffey of Paranormal State. In watching the show, I thought to myself, I do that too."  The Appalachia region is not exactly a hot bed of psychics or mediums.  At the time, I wasn't even aware that using my gifts professionally to help people was even a realistic option."  Throughout his 20's, Justin worked in the customer service industry. He compares his awakening to a type of calling where he was guided to do this work. The awakening was a shift, an irresistible pull to explorer his gifts. In turn his gifts became stronger, and heightened. 

During 2008, Justin moved back to his hometown for a phase of restructuring after a job loss.  Justin recalls, two prophetic and Mediumistic dreams during that time.  A high school friend of his who passed under tragic circumstances visited Justin in a dream. In the dream, his friend was standing outside of a silver gate, before walking through. He spoke without his mouth moving, and wanted to pass the message that he's okay, and gone to a better place. That same year, Justin saw walking on the street another classmate that he went to high school with. Later that night, Justin dreamed he was in the former classmates house, with his girlfriend. Justin was helping her hide, and while scrambling from room to room while the former classmate was chasing her with a shotgun. Justin awoke the next morning to find out the former classmate murdered his significant other under different circumstances.  Two years later, another former classmate shot his former significant others new partner, while taking his own life with a shotgun.

As fate would have it in 2008, Justin moved to a haunted apartment located in Abingdon, VA behind a funeral home.  "That whole year was crazy, says Justin.  I not only changed jobs several times, but moved several times with Abingdon as my final destination.  The whole apartment had a spooky vibe. During the moving and cleaning process I remember hearing loud thumps, seeing shadows, and having allot of activity really fast.  One of my friends was using the bathroom, and he felt someone holding onto the doorknob. For a minute or so he was unable to open the door. My roommate at the time. He experienced several frightening events. He thought I was home early from work and walking around my home, he even saw a shadow in my room. To his surprise I was still at work!  Sleeping at that place was very difficult. I had many experiences of awakening to voices calling my name and saying hello, to my bed vibrating and shaking. Living in an apartment with so much energy and activity played a role in my senses becoming even more awakened."

During 2009-2010, Justin worked with a paranormal team in Eastern Tennessee on several investigations.  "One particular investigation stands out during that time-frame, says Justin.  Two of our team members were married and invited us into their home to investigate the paranormal activity they were experiencing. After several hours of investigating her home, I was sitting on the couch.  I suddenly entered a Mediumistic state. This is similar to tuning in on the radio, trying to find a station, and I found the right frequency!. I began communicating with a Grandfather type figure, an older man. I provided several minutes of detailed information. The teammate was shocked. I was providing detailed information about her Grandfather."

Justin continued his paranormal explorations throughout 2011-2012 with another team.  "We investigated several locations throughout the Tennessee region. The locations were severely haunted, says Justin.  "I had several experiences of the otherworldly forces literally coming home with me and the forces would linger for several days.  The locations that we investigated were the most severe hauntings that I've ever experienced." One family moved in to what was supposed to be their dream home. The home was over a hundred years old, if not older.  The family experienced physical harm including scratches and punches to the face at night.  A Medium from another paranormal team advised she felt there was bodies literally in the wall. The family removed the walls, and didn't find any bodies.   Justin says, "When we investigated the home, the family was moved out into a small apartment. I never met the family but was able to experience the activity. The home was completely gutted. During an investigation a horrific sequence of events occurred including a bottle of Holy Water bursting and leaking from the bottle, equipment falling off the table, loud bangs on the wall and a teammate taken over by a negative force. Several of the locations that we investigated had Shadow Figures that I encountered, some had green eyes and other red eyes. One of the Shadow Figures came home with me!"

Throughout 2009-2011, Justin conducted psychic and mediumistic readings for free over Facebook and by phone.  "I'm someone who's naturally a little bit skeptical. I felt a calling to explorer my abilities and to make the shift.  What helped during that time frame was the testimonials, and the confirmations that I received of the connections that I was making.   In 2010-2011, Justin consulted with Visions Paramag on the paranormal, missing person, cold cases, and as a reoccurring columnist. In 2012, Justin joined Shay Parker's exclusive Best American Psychics. He went through a test reading with a volunteer client, and a Best American Psychics tester.  He was Certified and a Featured Psychic Medium on the directory. Justin contributed to the highly regarded OM Times with several articles and was a featured Psychic Medium with their directory.  Justin contributed to the Ethical Psychic Project in a joint partnership between Best American Psychics and OM Times. Justin had his first radio appearance in 2012 on The Blog Talk Radio Show "The Paranormal Review", conducting live readings.   Justin says, "I had so much momentum in doing this spiritual work. I felt like I needed to make a huge shift and take a gigantic leap of faith." In May 2012,  he left his full-time job at Northrop Grumman.   After his leap of faith, Justin experienced huge period of success almost instantly. He appeared  on such radio networks as LA Talk Radio, CBS Radio, IHeart Radio, and several AM radio stations.  He was a featured guest at  several paranormal events in Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. He was interviewed by the Examiner as one of the featured Mediums at "The Mid-South Paranormal Event". He completed several of Group Readings in Wisconsin in 2012, and was interviewed by a popular Wisconsin radio station.  Justin concluded 2012, by appearing on Google TV with several Mediums, providing live readings for a cold case.  

In 2013, Justin was awarded the Best American Psychics Awesome Accolades Award. He began working with the nations number one paranormal event company Ghost Hunt Weekends.  He attended the Rhodes Hall event in Atlanta GA, featuring Chip Coffey, and Joe Chin. Justin later attended The Moon River Brewery event featuring Adam Berry. At both events, Justin was an unadvertised guest, but was one of the featured investigators for the attendances.  Essentially, groups of people would rotate throughout both events spending time with all of the featured guests, including Justin. During the Rhodes Hall event Justin and his group encountered paranormal phenomena. He sensed a Spirit on the staircase "An Older Woman, and Child".  Ghost Hunt Weekends had a live stream where fans could take part of the investigation and report activity. The public validated Justin's claims, through a mist and shadow on the staircase. Later, the entire room was amazed to hear a loud thump upstairs, as the group upstairs was startled, Justin and his group encountered a full body shadow move across the mirror, one member in attendance, ran outside, startled in shock and terror.

Justin was the featured guest the Ghost Hunt Weekends Wheatlands Plantation's events in Sevireville TN during February and May. He completed three successful Group Readings during those events.  The attendees, were speechless when the lights throughout the plantation went out during a Mediumship session during the Group Reading. Justin later joined Ghost Hunt Weekends at several Thomas House events in Nashville, TN.  Justin continued to work with several paranormal teams in a consultant role throughout 2012-2015, even conducting a Group Reading at a public event in Big Stone Gap, Virginia in 2013. Justin has conducted various group readings with 40-70 participants.  Justin concluded 2013 by consulting with two paranormal teams, visiting several haunted locations throughout Iowa, Virginia, and Ohio.  

In 2015, Justin filmed a television appearance with Destination America's highest rated show Ghost Asylum. He was the first Psychic Medium ever to appear on Ghost Asylum.   "Appearing on television was always a dream of mine, says Justin.   During my college years of the early 2000's, I had aspirations of being a famous screenwriter, novelist, or actor. I never dreamed of appearing on television as a Psychic Medium. It's humbling and such a blessing how this gift has changed my life. It's something I've never asked for nor sought out. The whole experience was very overwhelming but flattering. I'm just a small town man from the Appalachian Mountains. The entire team and crew were very down-to-earth people and a pleasure to work with."  

Since 2006, Justin lived in the Tri Cities area (Kingsport, Johnson City TN), and also spent several years in Abingdon VA.  In June 2015, Justin returned to his hometown of Clintwood Virginia, where he currently resides. In 2016, Justin was the first Psychic Medium ever to be granted access at the historic Ralph Stanley Museum. He had exclusive access and filmed a segment of providing a Psychic Medium walk through of the location. In September 2016, Justin's physical transformation was listed on the DDP Yoga website.

Justin is passionate about Appalachian heritage and culture. He is an admitted foodie, history, lover of antiques, coffee, and fitness. Justin is inspired by his hardworking family, and has a Mini-Yorkie named Bruiser. Justin connects through Spirit, and works through the white light.  "I come from a very religious family in a Baptist upbringing.  I have small town values. I consider myself to be a very normal person that has been blessed with an extraordinary gift. I'm not very New-Agey, I do not work with cards, tools, nor do I do Astrology, says Justin.  There's allot of talented people out there that does those things, and they do it well. I connect through Spirit, and work through the white light.  I define Spirit as a God source of energy.  On the same token, Spirit is also another name for God. I believe we are all connected as one, and come from the same source.  My intention is to help awaken others to their connection with Spirit. I believe that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.  We naturally all receive information from Spirit, and our loved ones in Spirit.  I consider myself to be highly Spiritual. My goals are to help others connect to their life purpose, higher-self, and broaden viewpoints.  We are not here to merely collect material things and subscribe to the material world. But rather, we have such immense power. I thrive to help others raise their vibrations through a change in thinking. I also love providing closure through communication with those who have crossed over."

Justin is an empath, evidential medium and remote viewer. He has the abilities of clairvoyance – clear seeing, clairsentience – clear sense, claircognizant – clear recognition, clairaudience- clear hearing. "I feel, see, hear, know, smell, taste and etc, says Justin.  My strongest abilities are clairvoyance, being able to feel, see, and know.  The rest of the abilities began to sync, and come through during the reading.  Although, every reading is obviously very different for each person.  People tend to hear what they need to hear and not always what they want to hear.  I'm only the messenger!  Some people need a session full of Mediumship messages. While others need messages from their Angels on what they need to be doing in the present, and what to expect in the future.  Some readings are a combination of everything. It's always important for people to come in with an open mind. If information doesn't make sense, write it down, hold onto it and it often does later.  During readings people sometimes have psychic amnesia where they black out, and can't remember important details! That is a very common thing."

A popular question that he receives is how this all started or essentially when he realized that he had the gift. Justin says, "I realize now, I have been on the proverbial playing field all of my life in pursuit of this work.  I can relate back to my childhood experiences, and struggles as  a type of Spiritual training that I was receiving. To me, the world was always very paranormal and I didn't know any different. At times in High School, I would realize that I had a gift. But I never focused on the gift or even thought that doing this type of work was even possible. Later in life, I've had people come to me and shared experiences of consulting with me in the early 2000's for help. I can even recall in 2004-2005 of wondering how I could create a website to help people. Although throughout my 20's, I was focused on college, dating, working out, and living a fairly normal life.  With all of my experiences in 2008, everything been to shift, and it was like a light bulb coming on. I remember sharing my gift with a co-worker in 2008. She was amazed at how I knew details that I had no way of knowing about the circumstances around her Uncles death. I began to consult with her and started to do readings for others.  I can recall dating people at the time and introducing myself as a Psychic Medium. It was the start of embracing these gifts.  Throughout various shifts and doors opening, I was able to embrace the gifts and this work. I strongly consider this to be a spiritual calling.  Doing this work has really transformed my life, the way I think, react and treat others. I'm completely a different person than I used to be. I honestly, consider myself to be almost like a Monk. I'm a very Spiritual person and live a God focused life.  I cannot listen to vulgar music, watch violent movies, and I can only play a limited amount of video games. I do not drink, smoke, nor do I associate myself with anyone that has a negative personality. 

A question that Justin routinely receives is how it all works for him with his gifts.  Justin connects through Spirit. He describes Spirit as a God Source of information.  The process is not similar to having a conversation with someone who is living. But rather, Justin has to clear his mind and mentally make a connection.  The information comes through in what he describes as his 6th Sense. He feels, knows, hears, see's, and etc.  When Justin connects to someone who has passed, sometimes it's as simple as hearing the persons name mentioned out loud by someone, or as simple as looking at the person, and opening the proverbial mental door to make a connection.  He cannot control what information is shared, and cannot ask the person who has passed away questions. But rather the information flows organically, and is evidenced based.  Justin believes the best way to show proof of life after death is through evidence. That may be descriptions, memories, dates, emotions, personalities, illness's and etc.

Justin’s client list is diverse, as he has worked with individuals from all walks of life including Celebrities, CEO's, SNL Members, Emmy Award Winners, Presidents of Television Networks, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Members, TV and Music Producers, Models. He routinely works with International clients from such countries as Malaysia, Japan, Serbia, Brazil, Italy, Dubai,Africa, South America, Iraq, and Europe.  

Justin has two degrees from the University of Phoenix: a Masters of Criminal Justice and Security, and a Bachelor of Science of Communications. Aside from appearing on the popular television show Ghost Asylum on Destination America, Justin has appeared on Ghost Hunt Weekends, CBS Radio, LA Talk Radio, Mysterious World TV, and Google TV, along with being featured in OM Times, and Visions Paramag. Justin is listed on the Best American Psychics Wall of Fame, and recipient of the Best American Psychics 2013 Awesome Accolades Award. In 2012, He was voted as Who's Who of the Paranormal by Visions Paramag.  He was one of the featured Psychic Mediums on the Ethical Psychic Project in 2012, and has written three articles for the acclaimed OM Times.