Maureen from CA reviews

Justin Chase Mullins, you are undoubtedly the most gifted psychic medium I have ever worked with. I have spoke with Slyvia Browne, all of the big ones!!! Since I discovered you, no one has even come close to having the abilities that you have. Your guidance, compassion, and accuracy are unparalleled.   Grateful for your insight and the day I saw you on television. You are the BEST. (2018)

He said things that nobody outside my family could know. He knew what we buried my sister in. It shocked me. He threw out numbers, and they all validated what he said. His warm demeanor and Southern charm, make him easy to talk to. If you want answers, this is your person. No sugar coating or bull, just what is. This is the only one I will ever use again. Thank you, Justin. You calmed me and moved me.Intense and insightful."(Maureen 2014, CA)