Minty's Review

I recently had the pleasure of my first reading with Justin and, honestly, could not have been more pleased. Justin immediately put me at ease and the nervousness I felt in the beginning of the reading was replaced with a deep sense of calm and comfort. I wasn’t sure who might come through, but I had prayed that it would be my mom. She was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer two years ago — and died just five short weeks after receiving the diagnosis. Since her passing, I had very specific questions that had been continuously swirling around in my mind. At times, it felt like they were on permanent replay and they were driving me crazy. I shared no personal information nor names of persons that I hoped to receive messages from before Justin began the reading. What happened next absolutely blew me away! He immediately connected with a female that had actually made her presence known to him before calling me at our scheduled time. He described her perfectly down to the smallest of details. He next described her illness, types of treatments she received in the hospital and, most importantly, I the moments that I had shared with mom on the morning of her passing. The level of in-depth details amazed me. No one outside of mom’s ICU room could have known what happened during those last few hours. It was as if Justin himself had been in her room. My prayers were truly being answered! Without a shadow of a doubt, it was clearly obvious that the woman whom he had quickly connected with was my mom. I silently thanked God and then revealed to Justin who the woman was. I was stunned and in tears as Justin conveyed mom’s messages. They were the answers to the questions that had been swirling around non-stop in my mind for the last two years. Justin gave me a priceless gift for which I will forever be grateful. I very much look forward to future readings with Justin. He’s the real deal!
— M. Raines, Virginia