Rae Gena's Review

If you have ever been curious of what your future holds, you should contact Justin Chase Mullins, he's a local medium, and is totally legit!! We crossed paths when I was at a very dark place in my life. I had just lost my grandparents in a tragic house fire, was trying to work out a 15 yr failed marriage, and just starting a horrible custody battle. I was a mess when I met Justin, but he gave me hope. He told me many details about my current situation, I watched in real time as events unfolded. He connected with my recently deceased grandparents that he could have never known. He described my Grandfather down to height, physical description, clothes, that he liked to draw, design things with his hands, sketches, that my Mamaw liked to paint, make cobblers, their health problems, and the description of the house, down to the exterior features.  He told me that I would soon meet and marry a man with the last name Stanley. He also told me this man would be tall, dark headed, sometimes clean shaven, blue collar, and would already have a child of his own. That I would be happier than I've ever been. He also said, that I would have another child. I never planned on having anymore children, but to my surprise, we are expecting. Everything he told me would happen has. He knew I would be going back to school and doing photography again. You should get a reading. Justin is awesome!!