Heather's Review

Justin Chase Mullins has an exceptional gift. I have gotten two readings from him and I was astounded by his accuracy and how easily it flowed from him. Not only did he spell out so much about me, and my life, he did it with such compassion and grace. First person who I’ve gotten a reading from that made me see things in a different light. I have been more observant about my actions; and I have truly been trying to put his advice to use.
He also was able to describe people in my life who have passed that are near me with so much detail. He was able to not only tell me what they look like and their habits or mannerisms, but he also called their names out correctly! It was amazing! I have never seen anyone with a gift as honed as his. He is absolutely, legitimately the real deal and I would recommend ANYONE to give him a try...you will not be disappointed! He is absolutely outstanding!
— Heather, Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew