Review by Megan Le Fey

Justin is the real deal.  I’m a Top LA psychic and very picky who I let read for me.  Justin was on the money with uncanny details about my love life which came to pass in the timeframe he saw.  He also nailed that I would be getting a lot of bloodwork and other labs done back to back.  It turned out that my vitamin levels had been low and my doc suddenly was having me in for lab after lab.  My diet changed as he said it would and I’m beginning to rapidly lose weight.  Justin also predicted my acting and modeling picking up really fast, which to my surprise it has.  He was detailed and accurate and compassionate.  Justin also has a great personality and sense of humor.  Not to mention an awesome southern accent.  I highly recommend him.  He knows his stuff and is able to nail dates, names, details, and do it with a loving manner. That’s the mark of a great psychic in my book.  Book a reading. You won’t regret it.

-Megan L.