Vanessa from Virginia review

Being a very private and independent person, I was hesitant to obtain a reading. With the passing of my husband almost two years ago, I always had a feeling of selfishness in moments of happiness and fear in moments when I had to make big decisions for my boys and I. I have always believed in signs and being a big fan of Instagram as kind of an journal for myself, I was suggested to follow Justin. After viewing his website, and reading his background, I decided it was time for some closure. From the start of the reading I felt comfortable. Justin was respectfully professional, but had an empathy in his voice that showed he truly cares about each interaction. I expected information about my Husband only, but my Grandfather was the first to reach out, then my Father, and next my Mother. My parents died tragically and because of that, I never talked about them, even to close friends, and without judgement, Justin was able to touch on their passing but focus on their message to me. Justin touched on so many specific details and when my Husband reached out, I wasn't just given answers to the questions my heart had, I was provided answers in only ways that the man that had my heart for 12 years would be able to answer me and give me guidance in a way that my stubborn self would actually listen to. I absolutely needed that reading and it was definitely meant to happen when it did. Justin made the experience worth it from beginning to end. Not a moment was wasted and I felt that he genuinely wanted to help me heal in any way that he could. Being a mother, everything I do has to be absolutely worth it, and a reading with Justin completely was.