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Justin is an evidential Psychic Medium which means he can provide proof of life after death through the information that he receives during the reading. 

A psychic is someone who see's past, present, and future information. Justin can tell you what's next in your life, provide insight in situations, and through Spirit help guide you through major life decisions. He has a track record of telling people who will enter their life romantically in the future, and even what they look like! He can provide information on how future situations will play out. When a new job will come into your life. How to deal with specific people in stressful situations and come out with the best possible outcome.  The choice in your life is always yours. Justin wants you to feel empowered to make the best possible choices for yourself. He can tell you what each choice holds and where he see's your decisions taking you. His goal is to help bring a sense of spirituality to your life, empowerment, and to give you the tools to become more spiritually connected to trust your own intuition.  

A medium is quite simply communicating with the dead. Although to Justin, the dead are very much alive. Think of death as a change in existence and being in a different dimension.  Readings with Justin are evidence based in the style of of John Edward, James Van Praagh, Long Island Medium, and so on. Something that Justin tells people who ask what he does, have you watched the Long Island Medium or Hollywood Medium? That's what I do!

Justin is not an astrologer. He does not conduct past life readings,  he does not use any cards, runes, or tools for the reading.   Justin has a unique southern accent, and a strong sense of humor. Clients have described Justin as very kind, and easy to speak with.  He believes in God, and is very spiritual.  Justin works through Spirit which is a God source of information.  Before the reading, Justin begins to merge with the energy of Spirit, during the reading he connects to those that have crossed over.  The reading is a combination of evidential information based upon  prior health conditions, memories, names of family members, and friends, descriptions of homes, personalities, emotions, and so on.  Justin cannot control who comes through during the reading. Those in the Afterlife are just as excited about the reading as you are! In fact, Justin describes conducting a reading as like a party line.  All of those in the Afterlife gather around, excited to speak with you. Although, he can't control who comes through and what they have to share during the reading.  Justin recommends coming to the reading relaxed, in a noise free enviroment, with an open mind, and ready to take notes.   

Justin Chase Mullins is an empath, evidential medium and remote viewer. He has the abilities of clairvoyance – clear seeing, clairsentience – clear sense, claircognizant – clear recognition, clairaudience- clear hearing.