Spiritual Coaching Package


Spiritual Coaching Package


The design of the Spiritual Coaching Package is for several sessions to occur within a month's time frame.  This can be used for several purposes. Several examples are: weight loss, physical transformation, self improvement, relationships, dealing with toxic situations, improving your business, living a better life,  handling legal situations, navigating the dating world to meet your soulmate, doubling your business profits, achieving breakthroughs and receiving dramatic results.

This package is also ideal for those seeking to be mentored by Justin in doing this spiritual work. You will receive information on exploring your abilities, setting up your business, how to be successful in your business, and so on.  Justin can discuss on how to open up your intuition and so on.

As a psychic medium, Justin is able to provide insights into how situations can turn out, what you can do to avoid pitfalls, and to be your best self. You can even think of this as spiritual counseling.  This package will not include "spirit communication, talking to the dead."  For several reasons, it's not healthy to attempt to communicate with someone that has passed that many times during one month, and this package is most importantly about YOU.

Justin will provide affirmations, even conduct a guided meditation over the phone, he will discuss manifesting, and various principals. This is a combination of lifecoaching "spiritual coaching, spiritual counseling, and a psychic reading." Justin does prefer that you have questions, and are willing to discuss your life. This is meant to be more of an open conversation vs. tell me what you see in my future. 

Upon purchase of the Spiritual Coaching package.  You will receive 2 Email Consultation per week, with at least two replies from Justin. You will also receive two 60 minute phone sessions. This is for the duration of one month only.


  • 2 Email Sessions Per week for one month with two replies
  • 2 60 Minute Phone Sessions within a month
  • 45 Minute Guided meditation over the phone, with conversation on affirmations, and manifesting. 

After purchasing the package. Justin will contact you within several days via the email provided to set up your phone session dates. You will also receive one email session per week for an entire month. The package will expire from one month after the date of purchase.  All purchases are non-refundable. No exceptions.



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