Email Reading

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Email Reading

from 55.00

What is an Email Reading?  This is essentially an email reading involving psychic or mediumstic questions.  You will purchase the amount of questions that you have for Justin, within several weeks you will receive a reply to your questions. 

Doesn't Justin have to be face to face or hear my voice to do the reading?  No, not at all.  In fact, Justin uses the same abilities and process that he does on his documented world predictions.  Justin does recommend for a more personalized experience to schedule a phone reading for Spirit Communication "talking to those that have crossed over or for more detailed information". 

How does this work?  Everything is energy and energy is everything.  Think of the Afterlife "Heaven" as a dimension, think of, Earth "our existence" is a dimension. In fact, there's unlimited dimensions in the Universe and beyond the Universe. Justin has the belief that the Afterlife isn't a final death, but rather, we keep evolving and transferring to other planes of existence. The Afterlife is simply another phase. It's similar to our existence here on Earth. In fact, we reunite with all of our loved ones in the Afterlife.

Essentially, Justin access's an energy "Spirit", he's able to conduct the reading without the need of hearing your voice or being in front of you. This is nothing to do with the physical world. 

Email Reading Price List

2 Questions 55.00

4 Questions 85.00

6 Questions 115.00

8 Questions 150.00

Emergency Reading

2 Questions 125.00

4 Questions 200.00

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The response time for Email Readings is at least 1-2 weeks after the submission of questions and payment.  The response time is not a guarantee, but rather an estimate. Depending on Justin's schedule the response time may increase or decrease.


Justin recommends to check his availability before the purchase of an Emergency Email Reading to ensure that he's available to conduct the reading within the allotted time frame.  The response time for an Emergency Email Reading submitted during business hours is 72 hours upon approval and submission.  Business hours are defined as 12PM EST to 5PM EST. Anything after business hours defers to the next day for time frame allotment.

Number of Questions:
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1.  Choose the amount of questions that you would like to ask Justin. During the check out process, you will be able to make your payment, submit your questions and receive confirmation of your submission.

2. Typically within 3-4 weeks, you will receive a response from, ensure that you add this email to your list of safe senders. If Justin has any questions he will reach out by email.

Business days are of course defined as Monday-Friday, weekends are excluded. The 3-4 weeks timeframe is not a guarantee. Delays will occur during the holidays, and depending upon Justin's schedule. He does not conduct readings while under the weather, while experiencing emotional life events, severe weather and etc. In certain instances, email readings have taken a month to complete.  

3. Do not email Justin asking for status updates, time frames for completion, or if everything was received.  He monitors his accounts very closely, if he has not received your questions, he will reach out to you.  Please do not create a sense of urgency to complete the reading. If if this becomes an issue, the email reading will be cancelled. The only correspondence that he should be receiving are the submission of your questions and payment. 

4. Justin does not conduct business over social media. The only contact method is through this website. 


Justin is willing to clarify the email reading. But he will not answer new questions that were not included in the original email reading.   This policy will not be compromised.  Follow up questions requires a new connection, including Justin's time and energy. For follow up questions, please purchase a separate email reading. Only submit the amount of questions that you have purchased.  For example, if you purchase two questions, do not submit 5-9 questions in the email reading. The additional questions will be ignored.  An example of this is submitting one question, but with 5-10 sub questions. 

Depending on the amount of questions purchased, Justin spends anywhere from 25 minutes to 45 minutes per each email reading.  Follow up questions requires a new session, Justin's energy, and availability.  This is non negotiable.   

Do not submit clarification emails or emails with updates requiring a response. They will be ignored.  If this becomes an issue, all future email readings will be refused.

Important Information

Justin is only the messenger. You may disagree or not like the information that he shares during the email reading.  Justin will not respond to any kind of debates, or arguments in an attempt to defend himself. If a client has that kind of energy after purchasing a new email reading. The session will not be conducted and all future readings will be refused.  

Email Reading Questions

If your question is mediumship in nature (Communicating with those that have crossed over, i.e the dead.). Justin advises to purchase a phone reading or attend a group reading for the best experience. However, Justin's experienced great success with mediumship readings over email. Justin will need the names of the people that you are wanting to communicate with and who they were to you (relationship to you). An email reading is different than a phone reading, or reading in person.  Justin is not hearing your voice, or in-person with your energy. He relies on different senses for an email reading.  During a phone reading, group reading, in-person reading, Justin is able to receive validation for each piece of evidence that he is shown. During an email reading, that real-time validation is not possible. Email readings are very accurate, beneficial, and full of information.  Please do not give Justin details about the person that you would like to communicate with such as photos, personalities, cause of death, date of death and etc.

If your question is psychic in nature (questions on career, love, business, and etc). Feel free to provide as much information as you feel is needed. If you have a career related question, your profession, would be helpful information to add. Any information provided up front will help in the process for the email reading. Justin will provide as much information as possible. This will not simply be yes or no type of answers.