Please set aside the appropriate amount of time for your reading with Justin. Ensure that you're in a noise free environment, free of distractions.  

Prepare a list of questions or topics for your reading with Justin.  For Mediumship readings, "Spirit Contact", Justin may ask the name of the person you want to connect with and their relationship to you. 


Every reading is different.  The difference depends on the individual needs of each person. Some readings are more life coaching, or spiritual counseling in nature. While other readings are more healing, with more of a Mediumship "Spirit Contact" type of reading, or even a combination of reading styles. 

Once the reading starts, Justin makes a connection and will tell you what he's picking up on naturally.  This may include psychic or mediumstic type of information.  Justin will then shift to the questions that you have available and discuss the areas that you would like to discuss. Of a psychic nature, Justin can focus on past, present, or future information. He can tune in to what's coming up next, what you've been through, and what you're dealing with in the present. He may also attempt to communicate with people that have crossed over. He may ask for the name and relationship of the person you want to connect with.  


If you are using a cell phone for the reading, please ensure that you are in a area that has good cell phone reception. Ensure that you are in a noise free environment.  Difficulties with cell phone reception can greatly impact the success of your reading and may result in prematurely terminating your reading.

The use of Speaker Phones are discouraged, and may interfere with Justin's ability to connect.    

Justin does not allow recordings of phone readings as electronic devices can interfere with Spirit's messages. Note taking is STRONGLY SUGGESTED. 


Follow up questions are not permitted after the reading.  The phone reading itself is a transaction, the transaction is completed after the phone reading is completed. Justin will not answer questions after the reading is completed. All emails will be ignored.  Note taking during the session is advised.  If you have questions after the reading, Justin advises to purchase another phone or email reading to follow up. 


Do not provide details up front for a Mediumship reading.  Justin may request the persons name or your relationship to the person you're requesting to make contact with. Please do not provide any other information, photographs, causes of death and etc.  Doing this will prevent validation during the reading. The best readings are the one where Justin has limited information. Justin will not be able to detect code words, nor does he have control over the information that flows in.  Often times the information is in the form of emotions, illness's, memories, phsyical descrptions, objects, and events occuring in your day to day life.

Please avoid coming to the reading with the mindset of attempting to test Justin.  Such as, tell me something about my significant other or what did so and so say 5 years ago. This type of energy begins to form blocks during the reading and is aggressive. This type of behavior will disrupt the flow of the reading.

Please remember that Spirit is not on call. Justin is only the messenger. He cannot control who comes through and what they have to share.  Please be open to all information that comes through. The information may not be exactly what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Justin is an Evidential Medium. He provides proof of life after death, through evidence provided through the Spirit he is communicating with. His readings are not purely messaged based. But rather evidence based.