Justin Chase Mullins Phone Readings

Justin is an evidential Psychic Medium which means he can provide proof of life after death through the information that he receives during the reading. 

A psychic is someone who see's past, present, and future information. Justin can tell you what's next in your life, provide insight in situations, and through Spirit help guide you through major life decisions. He has a track record of telling people who will enter their life romantically in the future, and even what they look like! He can provide information on how future situations will play out. When a new job will come into your life. How to deal with specific people in stressful situations and come out with the best possible outcome.  The choice in your life is always yours. Justin wants you to feel empowered to make the best possible choices for yourself. He can tell you what each choice holds and where he see's your decisions taking you. His goal is to help bring a sense of spirituality to your life, empowerment, and to give you the tools to become more spiritually connected to trust your own intuition.  

A medium is quite simply communicating with the dead. Although to Justin, the dead are very much alive. Think of death as a change in existence and being in a different dimension.  Readings with Justin are evidence based in the style of of John Edward, James Van Praagh, Long Island Medium, and so on. Something that Justin tells people who ask what he does, have you watched the Long Island Medium or Hollywood Medium? That's what I do!



Please set aside the appropriate amount of time for your reading with Justin. Ensure that you're in a noise free environment, free of distractions.  

Prepare a list of questions or topics for your reading with Justin.  For Mediumship readings, "Spirit Contact", Justin may ask the name of the person you want to connect with and their relationship to you. 


For customers located in the United States, on the agreed upon date and time you will receive a phone call from Justin.   

Justin routinely works with International Clients. In certain instances his calling plan covers some countries.  You have several options. If you have long distance coverage to the United States, you will receive Justin's contact number and call his number for the scheduled reading.  Justin also uses Skype Voice. You will need to install Skype and add his provided user name.

The reading will be for the purchased duration.  All readings are in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.  If you are not available for the phone call, Justin will leave a voicemail or email message.  He only calls once and allows a grace period of five-minutes. If you're unavailable after that period of time, the phone reading will be rescheduled.  Repeated phone calls or delays disrupts the flow of the reading and Justin's schedule. 

At the start of the reading, Justin will make a connection with the Spirit world and provide information on who is coming through. This will be evidence based information. Justin is the vessel during this process and the channel.  He does not have any control over who comes through during the reading or what information they share.  If he picks up on names, pay attention to the initial, and also how the name rhymes.  Justin generally picks up on how the name may sound.  Readings typically have information such as health issues, memories, and so on.  He asks, that you not feed information or interrupt the process. He will ask if you understand what your loved one is sharing.  If you understand, please provide the confirmation or what it means to you.

Justin asks for psychic based readings that you have questions available.  If you are asking for example a career based question, Justin may ask the industry that you're in. Or your question is romantic in nature, he may ask if you are involved.   Justin is not a mind reader. He will not know all of the events of your life.  The reading comes through with a sense of knowing, feelings, images, thoughts, and so on. It's like putting together a puzzle.


If you are using a cell phone for the reading, please ensure that you are in a area that has good cell phone reception. Ensure that you are in a noise free environment.  Difficulties with cell phone reception can greatly impact the success of your reading and may result in prematurely terminating your reading. 

The use of Speaker Phones are discouraged, and may interfere with Justin's ability to connect.    

Justin does not allow recordings of phone readings as electronic devices can interfere with Spirit's messages. Note taking is STRONGLY SUGGESTED. 


Follow up questions are not permitted after the reading.  The phone reading itself is a transaction, the transaction is completed after the phone reading is completed. Justin will not answer questions after the reading is completed. All emails will be ignored.  Note taking during the session is advised.  If you have questions after the reading, Justin advises to purchase another phone or email reading to follow up. 


Do not provide details up front for a Mediumship reading.  Justin may request the persons name or your relationship to the person you're requesting to make contact with. Please do not provide any other information, photographs, causes of death and etc.  Doing this will prevent validation during the reading. The best readings are the one where Justin has limited information. Justin will not be able to detect code words, nor does he have control over the information that flows in.  Often times the information is in the form of emotions, illness's, memories, physical descriptions, objects, and events occurring in your day to day life.

Please avoid coming to the reading with the mindset of attempting to test Justin.  Such as, tell me something about my significant other or what did so and so say 5 years ago. This type of energy begins to form blocks during the reading and is aggressive. This type of behavior will disrupt the flow of the reading.

Please remember that Spirit is not on call. Justin is only the messenger. He cannot control who comes through and what they have to share.  Please be open to all information that comes through. The information may not be exactly what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Justin is an Evidential Medium. He provides proof of life after death, through evidence provided through the Spirit he is communicating with. His readings are not purely messaged based. But rather evidence based. 


Unfortunately, from time to time readings will need to be rescheduled due to last minute changes to Justin's schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience. Justin does not conduct readings while under the weather, during severe weather, or while experiencing any emotional events in his life. This will not be compromised for any reason. 

Upon the instance that the session has been rescheduled by Justin or the client. His office will send only one email. If the client ignores any form of communication from his office. The communication will cease until the client contacts Justin with appointment availability. He does not conduct his business over any form of social media such as Facebook. Simply ignoring, Justin's or his offices messages will not result in a refund. All sessions are non-refundable. The session will be held until the client contacts Justin's office for availability. The contact email info@justinchasemullins.com


Do not book a session if you do not intend to keep it. Once payment for a session has been received, it is deemed as non-refundable. If for any reason a client cannot attend the reading on its scheduled date, it is that client’s responsibility to contact Justin’s office at the earliest possible time to reschedule. The reading may then be redeemed later at Justin’s discretion. The inability of the client to attend a reading does not entitle him or her to a refund. During a reading, Justin gives information as it is shown to him by Spirit. A refund requested because you disagree with the information given or after a reading has been completed is out of the question and will not be honored. All policies on this page are subject to change without notice. By booking a reading, you acknowledge that you are in agreement with Justin’s terms at all times. These policies are binding, and take precedence over any other form of communication

In the event that Justin agrees to providing a refund. The refund will be distributed at his convenience, with multiple repayments over time. 


By booking a session you agree not to create fictional stories, fictional names, scenarios, and pseudonyms.  
Justin cannot and will not discuss your reading with third-parties such as spouses, family or friends. All phone and email readings are confidential and for the individual only.  The reading and the details of the reading are between you and Justin only.


Scheduled readings are not and cannot be substituted for payment made for any other purchase then the one paid for. Reading options cannot be altered, exchanged, or interchanged in any way and are considered separate reading purchases with separate payment fees applicable. All purchases are final. Phone readings are individual only. Justin does not do group readings by phone.  

Email readings and Phone readings are purchased individually.  For example, a 25.00 one question email reading cannot be purchased and than later the client pays 10.00 more to have a two question email reading.  Each purchase is considered a separate reading with separate payment fees. Phone readings cannot be broken down in minute increments to be used at a later date. 


This service is provided for informational purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated. Clients must be 21 years or older to book, receive and/or purchase a reading, product or service. Readings are not substitutes for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Clients are encouraged to please seek the advice of a trained Medical Doctor about any health concerns.    Justin has the right to end the phone or email session without refund if the client becomes argumentative, insulting or vulgar. Or if the requests by the client are unethical in nature.   Justin is not capable of controlling what information comes in from Spirit and the Angels during the reading. Attempting to control the reading and dictate the answers to questions during the reading will lower Justin's vibrations.  That will result in the session being ended. By purchasing a session you are agreeing to Justin's policies.