Review by Phil Summers of SC (My Ghost Story)

*Justin Chase Mullins, by far, is one of the best psychics in the industry to work with if you are looking for accuracy, and consistency in a psychic medium. I have personally been a colleague of Justin’s for nearly a decade, and have seen him pull off some incredible predictions not only in my personal life, but also regarding pop culture, world events, and politics. As a person who identifies as a scientifically grounded, skeptical individual, I can honestly say I have been mesmerized, and impressed with his abilities. I also can note Justin’s skills have turned a strong skeptic of psychic mediums to a believer. Not only are his skills as a psychic amazing, he’s a down to earth person who can empathically connect to your individual temperament and emotions during readings. In closing, Justin is definitely worth it, and I highly recommend his services.*