Brittney P Review

I have been friends with Justin for a few years. The first time we spoke, I will admit I was skeptical. We had never spoken and hadn't even known each other before that initial message. He immediately reached back out to me and started reading me from thousands of miles away. I was shocked..the things he said about my father who had passed that year were spot on and the reading was exactly what I needed. Coming from someone I had never spoken to, it was a little insane. He and I became friends over the next several months and his ability would continue to amaze me. Our bond had gone through some hell, especially since we are both highly sensitive. Together we had done an investigation in a negative location and after being attacked by a negative spirit physically and mentally, he truly saved my well being at that time and the few months following the attack. During the same trip, he also felt empowered to follow me out of a location when I got upset and it is a good thing he did.. I walked off a step from the building and he grabbed my neck of my shirt (choking me pretty much because that was the only thing holding me back from going forward), and stopped me from falling down the stairs and breaking my neck. Literally. He had a vision of me falling to my death, as I was walking away to go out of the door in the first place. I love watching him continue to grow with his abilities and I recommend anyone who is wanting a reading of any kind to book a reading with Justin. Most recently, he had told me that I would find the man who I will spend the rest of my life with..he had told me the time frame of when this man and I would meet, physical features of the man, and the type of job this man would have. Every single thing was 100% correct. But most importantly, he is a down to earth guy and doesn't let his ego get in the way of his business. He really is the real deal! Contact him to book for a reading! (Brittney, Iowa)