This is an ever expanding database of questions and answers. I will work on this database whenever I can, and whenever I'm guided to make updates.  Obviously, this is very new and the content is limited. That will change over time.

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Q:   What is/Where is the AfterLife?

A:   I refer to the Afterlife under several terms including "Heaven, and The Otherside".  Think of the Afterlife as another dimension.  I believe that everything is energy, especially our Soul/Spirit/Essence.  The frequency of the Afterlife is similar to what you experience within the dreamworld. 

Q: What happens when you die?

A:  Death is an exit of this Earthly material world or dimensional form and a transition or crossing over to another form. Because of the difference in vibrations once you cross over, you will see a very bright white light that will be blinding, the first voices that you hear will be louder, you will even hear a loud ringing, these sensations will quickly change. Once your eyes adjust, you will see your loved ones who have passed meeting and greeting you.  Your entrance into Heaven will be a massive celebration.   You will be with friends, and family.  The After life is similar to this world in many aspects including communities, and housing. You will be in a situation at first similar to the one from Earth, such as housing, communities and etc.   Heaven consists of various levels, and stages.  As you transition, you will enter various phases. This Earthly existence is a phase, the Other Side/Afterlife/Heaven is another phase, there are even phases after that!  

Q: What are Spirit Guides?

A:  Think of Spirit Guides as teachers. I believe that Spirit Guides were once human. They can take many forms, including forms that may be more comfortable for you.  Their purpose is to guide and assist your life on the Earthly plane.

Q: What are Angels?

A:  I believe that Angels were never human. I view Angels as higher beings of "Light", they are very connected to God, as we all are. But Angels exist to assist us on our paths, during crisis, and reach out to us through various signs.