This is an ever expanding database of questions and answers. I will work on this database whenever I can, and whenever I'm guided to make updates.  Obviously, this is very new and the content is limited. That will change over time.

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Q:   What is/Where is the AfterLife?

A:   Think of the Afterlife as like a dimension.  This dimension is similar to what you experience during dreams.  It's not some far away place that is in the sky or out of your reach.  The veil is very thin.  It's very near to this Earthly dimension.

Q:  What capability to Spirits "Those that have crossed over to the Afterlife have?"

A: Everything is energy and energy is everything.  You're a Spiritual Being having a human experience.  Think of it like this, you're a Soul in a body. When you leave your body. You do not die. You simply transition.   The illusion is that those that have crossed over can only check up on one person at a time, or be with one person at a time, or they are unaware of Earthly events.  That could not be further from the truth.  The Soul is not confined to one space. It's quite possible to be in Heaven/The Afterlife, while having an awareness of everyone they were connected to during their time on Earth.  They can appear through thoughts, messages, send animals to make contact such as Birds, appear through memories, and so on.  

Q: What happens when you die?

A:  Death is an exit of this Earthly material world or dimensional form and a transition or crossing over to another form. Because of the difference in vibrations once you cross over, you will see a very bright white light that will be blinding, the first voices that you hear will be louder, you will even hear a loud ringing, these sensations will quickly change. Once your eyes adjust, you will see your loved ones who have passed meeting and greeting you.  Your entrance into Heaven will be a massive celebration.  The Afterlife is controlled by thoughts. You will be with friends, and family.  The Afterlife is similar to this world in many aspects including communities, and housing. You will be in a situation at first similar to the one from Earth, such as housing, communities and etc.   Heaven consists of various levels, and stages.  As you transition, you will enter various phases. This Earthly existence is a phase, the Afterlife/Heaven is another phase, there are even phases after that!    You are even capable of being with more than one person in the Afterlife, such as if you had various spouses throughout your time on Earth. All of your animals will be awaiting on you as well.

Q: What are Spirit Guides?

A:  Think of Spirit Guides as teachers. I believe that Spirit Guides were once human. They can take many forms, including forms that may be more comfortable for you.  Their purpose is to guide and assist your life on the Earthly plane. Do not focus completely upon their names. You may ask mentally for their names to appear in your mind, or to see signs.

Q: What are Angels?

A:  I believe that Angels were never human. I view Angels as higher beings of "Light", they are very connected to God, as we all are. But Angels exist to assist us on our paths, during crisis, and reach out to us through various signs.

Q: What is a Mediumship reading like?  

A:For those that are not well-versed in metaphysical terms. Mediumship is talking to the dead or Spirit Communication.  I don't even like that term, because no one truly "dies".  If I am doing a reading in person or at an event, the Spirit often appears behind the person I am reading for. I literally will see a face, or various images that are almost 3D like.   Spirit Communication comes through my senses. I hear, see, know, feel, and so on.  I do pick up on names.  I will literally see a J for example, I will hear names that are literally exact, or that will have the same syllables or sound similar.  Think of it like this, the Spirit is communicating from another dimension, working through my senses. I begin to merge with their energy. I will take on their personality,  I will say words they may have used, I will describe memories, current events, health conditions they may of had, age ranges, dates and etc.  The information is like dream interpretation. I have my own set of symbols. It's like putting together a puzzle. I may see an image of fire, that may represent cremation for example.  An example during a prior reading is, I am seeing fire, and also a fire place. Do you understand the information? The Spirit was cremated and the remains were on the fire place.   

During the reading, I will describe what they looked like to the best of my ability. As, I am seeing this through my senses, I may be incorrect on weight, or hair color. Think of it like this, I am trying to describe information that is appearing in my minds eye.    During Phone Readings, I will see a face or a physical image of a person in my mind. I will begin to ask questions, such as, do you understand this man coming through, that has an R name such as Ronnie, he had heart problems or a heart attack, and a missing finger.  

I've noticed during Mediumship readings that I bring through alot of Parents, and Grandparents.  There is not any rhyme or reason for who comes through. I cannot guarantee who I will communicate with. On the Otherside, it's often like a big party or celebration, everyone gathers around.  It's important not to feed me information during the reading or interrupt the flow. I can't control what information is shared. 

Spirits may share information that are embarrassing or about family members.  I don't call people out, they do! LOL!  I am only the vessel during this process, and the channel. The best readings are when I am completely out of the way. It's best not to disrupt the connection or flow by attempting to ask questions. It's best when I am telling you.