President Trump

Politically I consider myself to be very neutral. I believe strongly that politics is something that divides instead of unites.  I'm definitely a spiritual focused person in my mindset and views. With that being said, I do not have any political allegiance, I'm not here to promote any political stance or party.  Rather, unbiased, I will provide what I'm seeing.  I was actually guided to write this post earlier today.  I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, it's currently 11:06 PM here, I was guided to do this task before bed. This is blog purely about where I see Donald Trump headed.

The first image that I see is the image of tanks and North Korea. We will definitely attack North Korea on the world stage. The tanks appear to be North Korean in nature.  While expect some kind of invasion or bombing with China involved. The end result will be the North Korean leader dethroned, destabilized, or worse. I see a type of surrender on the world stage, at the very least, the pressure will be added to North Korea. You may read my previous post titled The Future of North Korea and The Future of Our Country (Our Next War).   The Trump term is going to be filled with "War Energy" this is something I discussed before the election under After the Election and our future dealings with Russia under Trump, Clinton, and Presidency.  You can also see where our country is headed on Abortion, Healthcare and Immigration. 

Our involvement with Russia is far from over.  Any kind of mutual agreement or friendship is an illusion and the reality will be revealed within the next year.  I have predicted a Trump impeachment or resignation. I see this being within year three.  I see the major issues that will lead to the impeachment in year two, specifically around August, so essentially by the late third quarter of the year.  Currently, what I'm seeing is Trump's own party is agaisn't him. These are powerful people in the Senate and Congress.  What everyone is waiting on is a legitimate smoking gun.  My concern with any involvement with Russia is that this is more to do with the people that Trump has hired in key positions.  He has limited information and does this for his own protection. His true inner circle is obviously his family.  There will be a major revelation next year in the third quarter, such as August that will gain major attention and lead to the impeachment or resignation. There will be an investigation, a public meeting of Congress, and etc.  My 2015 predictions stated there will be a major allegation that an election would be fixed and I also discussed Russia's war energy picking up. 

President Trump will also announce a major road way, express way, high way project that will have his name attached. This will be a road that goes from the East Coast to the West Coast. I also see energy for international mining rights that is going to make the news.  He's also going to appoint a blond headed female to a major role in the near future, this will be an appointment or replacement of a current position. 

He will have a waive of new legislation.   I also see early 2018 having a waive of optimism, with things looking promising, then suddenly, reality is going to set in. There will be a major attack or bombing out of no where during that time.  Think of it like this, the energetic shit is going to hit the fan in a big way. Back to this good time period, there will be major factory announcements, companies will start to come back. I don't see an impeachment in 2018. But again, 2019, the third time is the troubling year. The energy for that year is very red, which I'm not an astrologist, but I think of that as the Aries War energy, the fire energy. That is the energy of Mother Russia. As previously predicted there will be a Russia and United States dispute over Iraq/Middle East/Oil. China will interfere third party during the middle conflict. I also view Russia as believing they have something on us, or over us, with the Russia hacking.  This is something I even discussed and predicted before the connection was even made. I always saw Wiki-Leaks connected to the Trump campaign. 

Something I discussed in my 2017 predictions, but CNN is going to have a major change and changing of hands. That network is going to be revamped, rebooted, and could be even sold! Also expect a new Fox News type of network to emerge. This will be a brand new political network that is going to take stage in 2018.    After the impeachment or resignation, I see Mike Pence being like the President Ford of his time. His energy is very brief. He will not be reelected.  A Democratic President is next in line.  I see African American energy and female energy too. Expect a very diverse ticket in the future. No matter who won the 2017 election, I was seeing an impeachment or resignation, this is what I would define as a set event. March 2018 also stands out as a very important time frame.  

The catalyst for the investigation is going to be financial based, specifically investments involving countries, corporations, and so on. I see a group of 4 men.  One of the men is light skinned in his late 60's or 70's, with short receding gray or white hair, he's wearing a suit, and very thin.  He is politically associated with President Trump.  There will be allegations based upon Trump's prior and current investment.  Expect to hear about huge conflicts of interest.  This will be in several situations including prior investments, but also what his administration is doing for Corporations. This also more in line with what the people are doing who's working for him in The White House.  His approach is very hands off, essentially do what you have to do, but don't tell me. He's not a mastermind that is pulling the strings, but rather he's connected to politically some bad people in his circle.