OJ Simpson Parole Prediction

Under my 2016-2017 predictions I began to channel information on the OJ Simpson trial and Nicole Brown Simpson murder. That's evident by the next paragraph of details of the murder and also details of the OJ Simpson Bronco chase. I interpreted this information as OJ was going to make the media headlines again and get paroled. This posted before any media attention or discussion was made. 

"When I tune in to celeb related stuff, a light skinned actress with dark brown or black hair will be murdered or have a major suicide, I see an image of a throat slit. (This was an original entry in my 2016-2017 predictions, immediately followed by the new "OJ Mania" paragraph). This information was obviously related to the Nicole Brown Simpson murder.

I also see the energy for another type of OJ Simpson type of chase. A celebrity will catch the spotlight for a huge police chase. This will be fueled by Black Lives Matter. With a mindset of, I'm running, because the police are corrupt. That will be the narrative.  We will see our generations version of the OJ Simpson trial. I strongly believe I was seeing OJ's Parole. I kept seeing OJ Simpson, the bronco, media attention. What I'm actually seeing is "OJ Mania" reemerging in the news and he will get paroled."