The Future of North Korea and Terrorist Attack Predictions 2017

For a mere several moments I contemplated having the title of this blog, I mean article, as The Future of North Korea by JCM. I may legally change my name to JCM, so I can be like Prince or Bono. One of these iconic names.  Back to the word blog, just the mere mention makes me think of "blaaah-ooooh." Just not very appealing. I absolutely prefer article.  This helps in channeling my inner 1920's-1950's inner reporter. All I need are legions of newspaper boys on every corner saying, "Extra, Extra, read all about it." The latest from JCM, Justy-Damous.  See what I did there? Now I'm attempting to be hip. Thankfully, I'm an age or two out of the range of being a millennial, I'm apart of Generation-X. Now that's hip!

So, I can only imagine that you're reading this article for the 411 on North Korea, not to read about my musings, and witty catch phrases like I'm Chevy Chase channeling Fletch.  When I look at North Korea in a "psychic sense".  I really see North Korea as being isolated. They are lacking in several fronts including finances, alliances, and capable means. I'm shown that other countries will team up, surround them and essentially push North Korea out of power. I do feel strongly in the short-term future, which is anywhere from 2017-2020, North Korea will have a chance of power, and a destabilization. They will crumble on a trade front, international support front, and a military front. I do not see North Korea as a world power. 

The countries that keep me up at night are Russia, China, and Iran.  Essentially, our next big war is going to be fought in the Middle East. But remember this, the world has greatly changed in the aspects of how wars are fought.  Gone are the days of troves of military troops being dropped in locations for great battles.  Wars now are fought by missile launches, cyber hacking, trade manipulation.  China will not open and immediately be our enemy. Think of China as being patient, wanting to do deals, and waiting for the right moment to strike.  While Russia is way more aggressive. I view Russia as great protectors of the Middle East, this is all about oil. China would turn on us when they see the right opening and the right moment. Our conflict with Russia will be more immediate, and happen before any conflict with China. Think of the conflict first occurring as military maneuvers, statements, and political games. Keep in mind that the nature of War has evolved in the 21st century. This conflict will not be cut and dry or like conflicts in the past. This will have many layers and play out over time.  

I strongly expect the North Korea conflict to be handled very quickly, with the help of more than one country, think China, or South Korea.  I really view North Korea's leader being overthrown and destabilization occurring to their leadership. They will have a new rule and change.  This is not the great war that I've discussed in the article titled "Our Next War.

You can strongly expect to see other countries teaming up to destabilize North Korea. This will be handled in the present and near future. I really see the energy around 2017 as being the prime year to deal with North Korea. There will be a conflict, stand off, and destabilization.  A shift will occur back to the Middle East. President Trump has this "war energy" that I've discussed. He cannot help himself and badly wants to be at war. His entire term will be riddled with this type of energy. This will also limit what he can do for our country on his domestic policies. He will spend his focus and energy in international conflicts. Again, Russia and the Middle East keeps me up at night!   The 29th stands out to me in general, this could be April 29th, but more than likely August 29th-September.  I strongly see a scenario with America's energy being all over the place.  There will be a focus on North Korea, than back to the Middle East, then back to a focus on domestic healthcare, immigration, and so on. The Trump administration is going to be all over the place. I don't see in energy or information a situation where from now until September is solely North Korea, there will be shifts, highs, and lows.

Within 2-3 weeks, I'm seeing another bombing/attack with Middle East connections.  You will see another terrorist attack or strike in America on the Northern East Coast by Summer. This could be at the very least similar to previous attacks, rather than a 9-11 type of event. Think what has occurred over the past several years.  I see a wave of energy where France will also be attacked. I see at least 29-30+ people murdered in a terrorist event. I see traffic, buses, and so on. There is also London/UK energy coming through.