London Terrorist Attack Prediction

London Terrorist Attack Prediction

I take no great comfort in predictions like this.  On April 17th I made several predictions under the blog titled The Future of North Korea.

The UK 2017

I predicted, "Within 2-3 weeks, I'm seeing another bombing or terrorist attack with Middle East connections.  You will see another terrorist attack or strike in America on the Northern East Coast by Summer. This could be at the very least similar to previous attacks, rather than a 9-11 type of event. Think what has occurred over the past several years.  I see a wave of energy where France will also be attacked. I see at least 29-30+ people murdered in a terrorist event. I see traffic, buses, and so on. There is also London/UK energy

A little over 3 weeks the Manchester UK terrorist attack occurred.  This matches the prediction based upon the location being in the UK, and the volume of those murdered. The outside of the concert had traffic, buses, and pure chaos. This was a horrible event in the UK.     

From my point of view as a Psychic Medium, when I attempt to make a connection and look at future events, the energy of something such as a massive attack easily appears. When doing the prediction, I heard 30+ people/London/Near 3+ weeks.  I also see energy as the prediction stated for an event in America by Summer and another in France. These are all for the short-term future which is 2017, and possibility 2018.

The June 3rd 2017 Terrorist Attack

This attack closely matches what I was seeing with the cars, traffic, and etc.  London Bridge Terrorist Attack June 3rd 2017. The conclusion is I was seeing a combination of attacks in the UK.  The first piece of evidence that I saw was the death toll being 30+, that matches the Manchester attack.  The second piece of evidence is more relevant on the second attack with the cars, buses, and so on.

July 6th Notre Dame Attack Paris France

Under 2015 Predictions I said, "A famous building with ties to Italy, and/or Europe is going to be destroyed or vandalized. I see this being some type of clock tower or bell tower, near a church.  "

I also predicted in the article titled  The Future of North Korea. "I see a wave of energy where France will also be attacked." "

June 15th 2017

GOP House Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after shooting at baseball practice.  

Original predictions included in 2017 Predictions stated, "I see a shooting at a major sports event."  Followed by the North Korea Predictions predicting a wave of terroist activity involving the UK, London, and a United States attack by Summer. I predicted this all would begin 3 weeks from April 17th. The events around a week after that timeline.


The below original post on Terrorism attacks was one paragraph. The post has been broken down in sentence form to site the sources for reference to validate the predictions. 

Terrorist related,  KY stands out, around the Fort Knox area.  

TN stands out, such as Nashville.

At the very least, an area with Fort in the name or an F initial. 

Riots and Terrorism,  I look at SC, FL, GA, MA as potential spots. Expect renewed threats during the Boston Marathon.


I see information on a California Mall.   I see information on Seattle, and boats. 

Interesting: The mall shooting occurred in Washington two days after I posted the predictions. In the original post I had all of the terrorist activity posted in one paragraph.  Next to the California Mall sentence, I wrote, I see information on Seattle, and boats.  The boats could have been a reference to show Seattle Washington.  The shooting occurred at a Washington Mall.

June 2017 Prediction Confirmations

June 2017 Prediction Confirmations

The Future of North Korea and Terrorist Attack Predictions 2017

The Future of North Korea and Terrorist Attack Predictions 2017