Justin Chase Mullins 2019 Predictions

Justin Chase Mullins 2019 Predictions

Hurricanes will hit the East Coast in the Carolina's

I am seeing a badge flip. There will be a person in power such as a Sheriff, FBI agent, there is going to be a double agent or controversy

There will be strange technologies that are developed for alternative traveling and vehicles that are going to look so odd.

I am seeing Nancy Pelosi and a pink house or room. She is going to be moving or changing decor. Being speaker of the house is almost like a retirement tour for her, it's vanity, and she will be sent off within a year or two. This is her last "run or ride".

I see an image of Anne Nicole Smith. There will be revelations about her suicide. Or someone of her magnitude or regard will commit suicide. She may be a symbol for model or actress.

A former Playboy playmate will make headlines.

Either Hugh Hefner's former home or an iconic home is going to be demolished or in flames

I am seeing a river with dead fish, I hear dam and reservoir

When I focus on Donald Trump, I see him as upset, with this intense glaring energy and the Wall-street bell is ringing. He's going to have this mindset of, I'll show everyone, I'll punish everyone. He's going to reach a place where the Government will come to even more of a halt after the shut down is resumed, to where there will be allegations against him, both parties will turn, and he will be forced to leave or impeached. Trump is going to be FURIOUS. He has so much lame duck Nixon energy, like he's all show and something is brewing

Freddie Mercury will have a tribute or new memorial

The Mets will make headlines. Tim Tebow will go from AA to Major leagues. A pitcher will also have tommy john surgery

The Dolphins will hire a woman in a major role.

A transgender person will have a position in a major sports organization front office

MTV will be revamped

Ford will be all in on electrical or alternative cars

Elon Musk will sell some shares. He will start a new business venture

There will be a shift in power in England. Old guard to the new.

Money will wash on the shores

Japan will have fire or a disaster

China will have issues with currency and manipulation. They will also have alternative new transportion and metro technology

The Lions will have front office, ownership shakeups and new stadium

When I shift to terrorism, I see Virginia, Northern Virginia, Eastern Virginia. I see Capital. There will be another major college shooting. There's going to be something involving a place with the initials ST, State, ST. Memphis, New Mexico, Texas

There will be new information on JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald

Expect new information on Star Trek movie or TV Show

Ghost Hunter's paranormal show cast members will reemerge

A major donation will occur to charity

Disney is going to be in the news with new rides, themes, I see energy around Hulu.

There will be a disaster or tragedy involving surfing

Kansas will have a tragedy or disaster

California will have a shooting. More trees will burn

There will be ANOTHER government shut down. A major capital will also be attacked or have a bomb threat

Tom Brady is nearing retirement. I see about one year left. Drew Bree’s will have a major arm injury.

Russia is in more of a war like mode right now. I see an image of a sniper rifle, they are on alert, waiting in attack mode. China influences the world through currency, trade, and manipulation in the financial aspects.

The future of Medicine and Space Travel

The future of Medicine and Space Travel

Government Shut Down

Government Shut Down