Government Shut Down

Under the 2018 predictions Justin was seeing a major government shut down. We’re currently in one of the largest government shut downs in history. You can view the prediction by clicking this link.

The government shut down will continue to early February. I am seeing about 3-4 weeks around all of this. The type of information that I am seeing is a resolution beginning to work out around February 6th. Everything is at such a heightened stance right now, this will need to be deescalated carefully, like defusing a bomb. This is all about saving face. I see Nancy Pelosi being like okay, what do we have to do to get this down, but whispering help me save face. My 2018 predictions also mentioned a wall having a type of barrier or monitoring device. I really believe new technology will be used around this. There will be a plan that is agreed upon to get boarder security in development. I also foresee the “dreamers”not being in danger either. They are almost like a bargaining chip that is very much implanted and in place.

The Government is not in a good place. This Presidency is doing huge damage to relationships, and there’s so much toxic energy in Washington.