Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Since the time frame of 2015-2016, I have been sensing a major building being destroyed, I saw this as someone that would occur in Europe, and the visions involved the building burning. Under the 2016-2017 Predictions I wrote, “A famous building with ties to Italy, and/or Europe is going to be destroyed or vandalized. I see this being some type of clock tower or bell tower, near a church.  "

I saw the building being for example, like a dome or tower, with a religious connection. During the 2018 predictions, I wrote, A major building or landmark will burn down. “

Many predictions that I make on a personal level with clients and also through my website on a world level may take several years to unfold. In the frequency that I work in through Spirit, time does not mean the same as it does in this dimension and existence. This fire is truly a tragedy! I’m someone who loves history.