June 2017 Prediction Confirmations

June 2017 Prediction Confirmations

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The month of June has been very eventful and full of tragedies. The purpose of this blog is to recap and document predictions that have occurred. Examples of the source or where to find the original content can be found by clicking the above blue hyperlinks, each prediction that is being cited will have a reference of (2016) or (2017) for example.

  • There will be a future scare involving a major Tennis match and a shooter, I see someone with a pistol. At the very least, you will see a shooting at a major sporting event. (A member of Congress was shot at softball practice for the annual Congressional game. This was the shooting at a major sports event) (2017 Predictions)
  • Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions (Under 2016-2017 Predictions)
  • Amazon bought Wholesale Foods (2017)
  • An area such as Miami, a coastal region will experience an exodus of refugees. (Trump was just in Miami and is undoing major Cuba agreements)  (2017)

UK Terrorist Attacks, United States, France, 2017

  • This was posted on April 17th.  Within 3-4 weeks of this post, a spree of terrorist attacks occurred throughout all of the countries that I mentioned, including the United States
  • (Within 2-3 weeks, I'm seeing another bombing or terrorist attack with Middle East connections. You will see another terrorist attack or strike in America on the Northern East Coast by Summer. This could be at the very least similar to previous attacks, rather than a 9-11 type of event. Think what has occurred over the past several years. I see a wave of energy where France will also be attacked. I see at least 29-30+ people murdered in a terrorist event. I see traffic, buses, and so on. There is also London/UK energy) (North Korea and Future Terrorist Attack Blog)
  • The United States just suffered a Congressman being shot.  Source
  • There was attacks in the UK, United States, France, all beginning 3 weeks from April 17th as stated.

These predictions were listed next to each other on the blog and occurred at the same time

  • (2017) A major building or landmark will burn down.   Grenfell Tower 2017
  • (2017) A major ship will be in the news.  This will be a modern ocean liner sinking.  US Ship Collision 
President Trump

President Trump

London Terrorist Attack Prediction

London Terrorist Attack Prediction