Developing Your Intuition 101

Developing Your Intuition 101

As a psychic medium from the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia, I was a novice to metaphysical terms. The area that I was born and raised was not a hot-bed for psychic mediums, and healers.   In writing any blog or article, I take in consideration that not everyone is familiar with new age terms. Looking back, I can recall that my childhood was filled with an array of various supernatural experiences.  Despite those fantastic and sometimes terrifying experiences, I did not come to terms identifying as a psychic medium until 2008.

What do I define as intuition?  I define this as having a "knowing", such as a gut feeling, an ability to know how a situation will play out, the ability to see through someone or a situation, and so on. Think of this is a natural ability to receive information.  This is like a muscle, the more you use this, the more you strengthen this.  As a psychic, I'm highly intuitive. I'm able to connect to Spirit, receive information on past, present, and future information. Think of it like this, a psychic is someone who has the ability to tap into the Source, use that information to navigate different facilities or aspects of my life, your life, and receive information.  Everyone is psychic.  A medium is someone who communicates with those that have crossed over. To put it bluntly, dead people. Not everyone is able to work as a psychic or medium.  Although, by the time you finish reading this article, you will have the capability to have a stronger intuition and perhaps even receive messages from those that have crossed over.

Why should you develop your Intuition? Think of it like this, you have a natural super power, an ability to navigate throughout life with an advantage of knowing what is right or wrong for your highest good. Imagine having the ability to navigate pitfalls, drama, and save yourself a lot of grief! A huge myth is that only select people are intuitive.  In reality, every one is intuitive.  Think of it like this, you're a spiritual being having a human experience, you're a soul,  a divine spiritual being that comes from the Source.   Keep in mind this important concept, everything is energy and energy is everything.  Think of the "Source" as a Divine Intelligence, you may call use whatever term feels comfortable and resonates such as God, and so on. I connect to Spirit, which is defined as a God Source of energy.  The bible even references "The Holy Spirit".  Another myth is that God/The Source is somewhere up in the sky, separate from you and far away.   God is actually in all things, and right here in this physical dimension with you. You're not separate from God. In fact,  as a spiritual being, you're from God.  

I lived a very normal childhood, I played sports, video games, and was your typical boy next door.  In looking back, I can recall that I had very unique and supernatural experiences that were not typical for everyone.   Such as seeing people who were dead "Ghosts, spirits, having dreams that would come true, being able to feel things very deeply, and maintaining a knowing of peoples intentions, how situations would play out, and etc."  Although, I can remember being drawn to the paranormal section of the library, checking out books on controlling dreams, hauntings, telepathy and etc.

I have always been intuitive.  Although, my intuition, abilities and gifts sky rocketed around the year 2008. It was like a light bulb went off and my connection increased. Think of this light bulb that I'm referencing as a Spiritual Awakening.  I define a Spiritual Awakening as connecting to Spirit, the Source, and etc. It's having an awareness that life is more than the material physical world that you live in, more than the 9-5 type of living, seeking the approval of others, and etc.  It's allowing yourself to blend with a God based type of energy, and being guided towards a life purpose. Having a Spiritual Awakening greatly changed my life. The goal of this article is to take you through Intuition 101, with techniques on how to develop your natural gifts. I will define specific terms with a mindset that several of my readers are very unfamiliar with New Age terms.

In 2008, I had several highly prophetic and intense dreams that played huge rules in my spiritual awakening. Around that time, a high school friend passed in a car accident. I had several dreams were he was standing outside of a silver gate, he spoke without his lips moving and wanted me to pass the message to his family that he was okay.  Another dream was I was in a house, with a woman, while a former classmate was chasing her around with a shotgun. I can recall trying to help her hide, as we hid in the bathroom.  The next day, I found out that he murdered her. However, the murdered was not committed with a shotgun. Several years later, another former classmate, shot his EX Girlfriend with a shotgun.  I can recall during my spiritual awakening, I would awaken at night to Spirits calling my name, and attempting to communicate. The paranormal activity around me sky rocketed. In 2008, I was working a 9-5 type of job. In the work place, I began to see Spirits around friends, co-workers, and etc. I was able to tap in to my abilities and deliver messages. During this time, I reached for whatever I could to learn more about these abilities. I remember watching Paranormal State, seeing Psychic Medium Chip Coffey, and saying to myself, I can do that too.  He was the first Psychic Medium that I could relate to.  I can recall throughout 2009, I reached for New Age books, began to collect crystals, explored meditation, and so on.  The books were highly beneficial in understanding new age terms, and exactly what I was going through.  I felt this huge pull or calling to work as a psychic medium.  I began to follow James Van Praagh, John Edwards, and several other amazing professionals and icons.

The first step is being able to separate what is emotions, your human thoughts,  fears, and etc.  I want to walk you through being able to access a space in your body to download information, and clear your mind. One of the greatest tools is learning how to clear your mind.

  1. Find a quiet space.  This can be in your car, office, living room, bedroom, and so on. Sit comfortable in a chair, or in the floor in a classic meditative pose. There is no right or wrong, trust in what you are guided to do.

  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Breathe in, breathe out. Think of this process as clearing your mind.  At this stage, I want you to visualize breathing in good energy, and exhaling bad energy.  The mind and imagination are your two most powerful tools. 

  3. Visualize white light around yourself and see a bubble. Keep setting the intention that you are breathing in good energy and exhaling bad energy. Next, focus on breathing in psychic or intuitive energy.  Exhale any doubts.

  4. Focus on bringing all of your energy to your heart area and have it in that space. Focus on opening up the left side of your mind, visualize bringing in light, love. Next focus on opening the right side of your mind, visualize bringing in light, love, and so on.   Lastly, open the middle part of your mind, and reach very high with your mind. Have the intention that you are connecting to the Source, merge with this energy.

  5. During this process visualize a mental TV Screen, White Board, or whatever feels natural for you. Practice receiving messages in this space. This is a clairvoyant exercise.  

  6. You may also receive messages through thoughts, feelings, memories, emotions and etc. Send out questions through your mind and listen to the answer.  You may use this technique or space to communicate with those that have passed.  Spirits pass messages through thoughts, memories, feelings, dreams, emotions, and so on. If you find yourself thinking randomly of someone who's passed, he or she is reaching out to you.

  7. Now that you know how to access this space. You may tap into this energy or space even with your eyes are open. You may ask questions or receive information through this mental space.

Think of all of this as strengthening a muscle. Your progress may be very slow, you will see highs and lows.  Do not attempt to force the information or your progress. The goal is to learn to lower your mind, to remove your thoughts, and allow the information to flow through.  Your EGO, anything that Edges God Out, will attempt to control the information or instill fear. A fear of being wrong or second guessing yourself.   

In life, you can look around at those who are purely EGO based.  All that you have to do is walk down the street or into any shopping store. You will find countless people starring at their phones, with a focus on social media, reality television, and etc.  In fact, the EGO is anything that takes you from a foundation of having a spiritual mindset. The EGO is wrapped purely in fear, job status, titles, the need for approval, and peoples opinions.  These are only several examples. As someone who experienced a shift in their life, "A Spiritual Awakening".

I also want to define several more important things.  I believe strongly that like attracts like, light attracts light.  You have various beings of light around you, several terms are "Spirit Guides, Spirits, Angels, and so on." You can focus on communicating or receiving information from your Spiritual Team.  These messages also appear in repeating numbers "Angel Numbers, birds, feathers, butterflies, synchronicity, signs,  music, memories, and etc".

By having a strong connection to your Intuition. You will be able to know, "Okay, this person is wrong for me, or this situation is not to my highest of good." People tend to get themselves in trouble by knowing that someone or some thing is wrong for them, but they navigate down that path anyways.  In my opinion, each person's life is like a huge book. In your very own book of life, you have various chapters. You will not move to the next chapter of phase until you learn the lesson. That's why situations tend to repeat in your life. You will experience the same patterns in who you date, potential workplace drama, personal conflict and etc.  Learn the lesson, and move to the next chapter.

Blessings on your path and Spiritual Journey


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