The Appalachian Mediums 2017 Predictions

The Appalachian Mediums 2017 Predictions

The Appalachian Mediums 2017 Predictions

Johnny Depp
I am seeing Johnny having cancer or being associated with a cancer cause. This is associated to a female relative of his who's suffered through cancer. He's going through a personal period in his life to where he's challenged.  This will not be a career focused time in Johnny's life.  But rather, I see a purge of where he's selling assets or reducing some of his houses. This will be do to financial concerns and a financial purge. I see a connection between Depp and electric cars. He will become more environmental friendly.  His status as a major box office draw is going to begin to dwindle. I also see Depp becoming even more of a recluse. He will enter a period to where he goes into hiding or exits the spotlight. I would not be surprised if he takes several years off from acting in the future. Expect to see a few years out of the spotlight, he will focus on music. He will also spend time in a type of facility for emotional, and substance abuse.



George Clooney

I see an accident involving skiing or water skiing. I see George giving a thumbs up. He will be on a talk show, think Jimmy Fallon, telling a story and joking about the incident. I see an image of George surrounded by two models. Expect to hear rumors about another woman or a connection to another model.  The energy around Clooney's marriage or whatever romantic situation that he's in is about 4-5 years. This will end in divorce.

Brad Pitt

I see a direct connection between Pitt and being a father. He loves the marriage life. Despite the problems with Jolie, there will be rumors of them spending time together for the kids.  Pitt will marry someone else fast. He does like the marriage life or the idea of the marriage life. Although, I do not see him settled or with one woman.  Pitt is going to roam around the movie world with more period-films/artsy type of films that are tailored made towards the award shows. He will do perhaps 2 films per year. But he loves his downtime.

Angelina Jolie

I touched upon this in the late 2016-early 2017 predictions. She will be linked to a lesbian relationship. I see a connection of where she's dating both men and women. She will play the field for several years.  I do not see a return to form with her being a box office draw. She will try her hand at directing and do more of that. Correct:

Ben Affleck

When I focus on Ben, I see him lifting weights. Expect to see a connection briefly to performance enhancing drugs or a cosmetic procedure in the future.  He will start to do work on his body. You will see more tattoos.  Expect to also see a connection a future project with Matt Damon.   Damon will eventually direct a film too. Although the film may not be with Affleck.   Jennifer Garner will have another child in 2017. While Affleck will make some more news as being separated or living a few months by himself. Expect back and forth between this couple.  


Ryan Reynolds

There will be an announcement/rumors during late Spring or Early summer about infidelity. Also, he will have a child with Blake Lively. She will have a connection to Dancing with the Stars or a Dancing Film.  Ryan may have a similar connection to a similar themed film.  She will be involved in a remake of a dancing type of film.

Anthony Hopkins

I see Hopkins attached to a film involving snow.  I also see a possible daughter or female relative of his becoming married. He will give someone away.

Footloose the Musical or Stage Production will be a thing.  Think of the live TV specials that have been airing on major television networks for example.  Correct:

Expect to hear rumors of George Michael having a illegitimate child from years ago. A male will come forward claiming to be his son. These rumors may actually be false.

Steve Martin will eventually win a major music award or be associated with an award show. Could even be a future host. 

Jimmy Fallon feels out of control. Expect to see more rumors of excessive partying.  He will not have anyone to stand up to him or stop his wilder behavior.   I see his wife/family being separate from his partying. His wife is living almost a separate life with raising the family, while he's behaving separate. They will have marriage problems. This may take several years to unfold. But he will be on the cover of tabloids by the summer.  Correct:

I see Jennifer Lopez's energy being all over the place. What I mean by that is, I see several high profile relationships at least 3 in the next year or two. She will be doing modeling, music, television, acting, and even a host or guest host on a TV show. She's going through a phase of exploration, reinvention and self-discovery.


There will be a bill on water usage or more focused on regulating water usage. I also hear something called the "Clean Water Bill".  

Clean Water Bill revoked:


Meghan Kelley.  

I predicted that she would leave Fox News for NBC in 2017.  She badly wants to be a Kelly Ripa type of celebrity with more of a daytime type of format.  She is not as connected to politics as she previously was. I see that as a stepping stone. She will have a politic involvement because that's what brought her to do the dance.  But I don't see her Day Time transition being great.

Ted Cruz

I touched upon this in the early 2017 predictions.  He will have an involvement to construction, and some kind of land deal or new construction in Texas that will make headlines. I hear the word "center".  

Glenn Beck

I see a child of his having an engagement or an announcement of a child.  I see a new business venture around Beck. Another book that will be a best seller. I also hear something called "Mercury Music".  I hear proud father, I see an attachment to him and a female that is similar to a daughter or daughter-in-law.  

It's quite possible to see a reduction of an asset or something he's connected with.     Correct: Tomi Lauren fired:

Beck will also do a mini-series with CNN.  He will do specials on television. I see Beck more connected to working with CNN or MSNBC, NBC, instead of Fox News. He will be working on a television project, this is will be a type of political or religious mini-series.  I previously touched upon health concerns in earlier predictions. But he appears now to be in better health. Hopefully that prediction has passed and will not happen!  Added Information 2/7/2017.  I also see Beck as very upset and discontent with the Conservative party.  I view him as a type of free agent. He has the agenda of forming a new political party and also having another candidate in his corner.

Bill O'Reilly

I am seeing him attached to a scandal that is unfavorable to his character and that will linger throughout 2017. I would not be shocked if he steps down from the show or has a type of hiatus. He's going through a transition period in his life where he will have a type of retirement from his current show format. I see more traveling, books, speaking engagements. The speaking engagements will be huge for him. I see a type of tour.

CNN: I am seeing information on a type of split or merger from their parent corporate company. That will make headlines. 

Trump Administration

I've touched on several predictions. Review the links at the start of the article to review all that I've discussed previously. I'm hearing the first 100 days. You will 100% see protests in Washington DC. I see women walking in arms. This will have a link to Gay-Rights or a Gay-Protest. This will be an attempt at a peaceful protest. Expect major news in 2017 over Gay-Rights involving a potential bill or bill change.  There will be protests also in San Francisco, and in Sanctuary cities.  I've previously discussed a link to Russia, the Hacking, Wiki-Leaks and Trump.  Despite what one would assume from the outside that Trump and Russia will work great.  I do see problems developing within about 3 years from now.  There's a massive potential for a World War type of involvement. Where Russia and the United States would be more aggressive. China is very passive, but watching. They would be pulling the proverbial strings from behind closed doors by manipulating the market. China would step in near the end.  There will also be more War in the Middle East in Israel. He will have massive change. It's going to be very tailored to what he wants. Expect to see massive building and construction too.   He will have a wave of his own executive orders. Trump will be signing a new trade agreement.  He will have a major healthcare plan that I've been discussing in another post.

I'm seeing information on a government regulated gun, or an official recommended gun for people to have. As crazy as this sounds, we will see a government gun program for an official fire arm.

He will also start to work on the major highways. I see a massive highway project from the East Coast to the West Coast.   I've discussed this in another post. But California will secede from the United States and be followed by at least three states in the future.

Women's March Correct 1/21/2017

California Succession In Progress

Trump has passed at least 14 Executive Orders in the First Week and major construction confirmed on the wall

Transgender Bathroom Laws changed:


Hillary Clinton

She will write another book, I actually see a book between her and Bill. Like a joint effort. They will eventually do joint speaking engagements.  The Trump election has put her in more of a positive light than before. She is biding her time.  She will continue her political and personal pursuits. She will begin to come off as more of a hero than before and ride the proverbial wave. She will navigate prior health concerns that I've touched upon before and scandals. She will eventually start appearing in the media to discuss what President Trump is doing.  I also hear Ambassador. 

Correct: She's writing a book.

Fox News

Fox is going to have an exodus of talent leaving that will go to a competitor. Expect to see a new Network emerge with connections to Trump supporters, Roger Ailes and etc.   Fox News will bring in someone new to run the network. They will attempt to be more edgy and add younger diverse people. Expect to see an African American host in a night time slot. Which would be great too.

Greta Van Susteren will join MSNBC.  CNN doesn't look like a great fit.



I see Tom Brady with a knee brace and elbow support. He will start to have injury problems and issues with his throwing arm in 2017.  There will be a decline with his joints and bodies. He will start to miss more time during 2017. Once Brady show's a decline. The younger backup Quarterback will begin to get more attention and momentum. If Joshua McDaniel was smart enough to stay in place. He would be the eventual coach. He looks very linked to the 49'ers job.  Bill Belichick will resign or retire a year after Tom leaves.  Tom has until the 2018 season, ending in 2019.  I see 2017, the current year as the last of their Super Bowl reign. 

Lebron James: He will begin to have the injury bug. I see an issue with a finger on his shooting hand. I've previously predicted injury problems.  He will eventually leave the Cav's within 2-3 years. I also hear trade. He will be apart of a huge trade in the future.

Atlanta Falcons: I've touched upon this in prior predictions. They will have one year as a super team, then begin to decline the season after that.  For example, you will see a big year like this one. Than they will start off strong next year, and fall off mid-way into the season. I do not see the Falcons succeeding with the same core team in the future. 

Chicago Cubs will have Two World Series wins, I see 2-3. They will be back in the World Series two out of three years for example.

The New York Yankees will either have a major sell or front office change.  

The LA Lakers will experience a change in the Front Office, President or GM type of roles. The current Coach Luke Walton feels safe.

Los Angeles Lakers Governor Jeanie Buss announced today that the team has named Earvin "Magic" Johnson as President of Basketball Operations. In addition, General Manager Mitch Kupchak has been relieved of his duties, effective immediately. Furthermore, Jim Buss will no longer hold his role as Lakers Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations. Correct:

The Boston Red Sox look on fire in their energy.  Expect a big year offensively. 

Peyton Manning will return in some capacity to the University of Tennessee. He also will eventually be a NFL partial team owner or President.  Think what Elway is doing with the Broncos. Manning will eventually do that with the Colts.

A major MLB record will be broke next year. Think the home run record.  Also expect a pitcher to have a historic year. Hint: Clayton Kershaw.  A tall left hander type of pitcher.

The Cleveland Browns are linked to a African American Quarterback in the future. I do not see the Browns having success for the next several years. Hint: Deshawn Watson.    Correct: They drafted DeShowne Kizer in the 2nd round.  The Browns also traded away the draft pick in the 1st Round to the Texans that was used to take Deshawn Watson. 

I see more struggles for Johnny Manziel. He will be linked to needles, substance abuse/drug use and an illness will become public.

Tim Tebow is on the path in the next several years of being married to a blond headed female. I see Tebow's family having a boy. He will have his own ministry or even host a Christian show. Think Joel Osteen. 

World Events

Expect to see a tragedy involving a Metro wrecking, this will hurt allot of people. I see what looks like a Metro or transit above ground.  Correct:

A major building or landmark will burn down.  

A major ship will be in the news.  This will be a modern ocean liner sinking.  

I am seeing information on a major Terrorist event involving Machine Guns.  The person resembles Osama Bin Laden. I see the shooter wearing green military clothes. The shooter will have a Bin Laden connection such as his organization, or a family connection.   There will be major information involving arm's dealings to terrorists too.

This may be what I was seeing:  This man is also wearing green military clothes in photos.

There will be a major flood in the news that involves cars, and even a school bus. This will be a once in a lifetime type of flood in a region such as Louisiana.    Correct:

The Self Driving Car will have a fatal car accident where it collides with another car. Speaking of Self-Driving Cars, there will be announcements of the Self-Driving Bus. Commuter buses will be a thing of the future.   Correct:

A major announcement on Natural Gas and fracking will make media headlines.

Alaskan Oil drilling and Natural Resources will make news.

I am seeing a major discovery in Egypt involving Ramses.   Correct:

A horrific Earthquake will make the news. This will be a huge disaster.  

I am seeing a major world currency changing to where paper money is no longer good. This is a non-USA currency on the foreign market. 

In the United States I'm seeing a major hostage situation with either someone that is armed, a fraction or a representation of a fraction. This will make major news. There will be a live stand off.  

News on Martin Luther King Jr will make the headlines. This will revolve around a new book, or even a movie. This will have never before seen or heard information. Essentially, expect new revelations to become a new story at the very least. 

This could be what I was picking up on:

A location or college with a State in the name will make headlines for a tragedy. Think Kent State, Pent State for example.

There was a hate crime shooting in Kent City.

Anti-Inflammatory treatment for Arthritis will make headlines.

A new Rocket and method of space travel will be announced. An official new space mission will be announced with a planetary visit. Hint: Mars.

More Alien News will be covered by the Media.  Expect to see more hints from major world Governments.  Correct:

My theory of Oak Island involves the Spanish. Which, I feel that the Templar's essentially became Pirates, and had Spanish ties.  Oak Island definitely has a Spanish connection, and Pirate connection.    Also expect to hear news on a new Blackbeard treasure theory on the show.

A classic beer recipe from a hundred years ago if not hundreds of years ago will be mass produced.  

Amazon will eventually venture to stores, have a store front, and be into the grocery business. I also see a strategic partnership with Target.   Walmart will be the next major giant from the 80's and 90's to fall. This may take years to manifest. But they will fall along the lines of K-Mart, Sears and etc. The issue with Walmart comes down to a dated formula. They shut down the competitors with lower prices. The issue is they are not adapting. They have dated, and crowded stores. I see a major surge in grocery stores in the next several years. You will see new grocery store chains emerge and become national. They will overtake the Krogers of the world too.  Buy stock in Amazon and Target. They are the future giants. They have the insight into what the consumer wants. While Walmart from the entire corporate structure is stuck in the past, stubborn, and refusing to adapt. They have overspent on stores and expanding too. Expect stores to eventually shut down.  This section Added 3/10/2017: Amazon may even buy reduced assets of K-Mart.   Correct:  Amazon Bought Wholesale Foods Grocery Store Chain

Verizon will sell part of their portfolio. This will be the non-wireless portion.  They will also rent out bandwith or a data portion and part of their signal to a competitor. For example, T-Mobile may eventually expand to have the Verizon type of technology or be capable.

Chicago will have more issues with crime. Expect to see a major crime wave where an area will be under attack. This will make news. Also a Chicago rail-ray above ground incident will make news.  


Correct/In Progress a day after my predictions: This will be the first of many

There will be issues with the quality of fish that are in the stores. A mass recall will occur.


Updated Predictions 2017-Added 2-7-17

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

I see Meghan as wanting to marry Prince Harry. She will shift away from the acting aspect of her career, and has the intentions on being a Princess. She has a huge career aspirations of activism, helping others, and being a world leader. I see this being in alignment with her life purpose. She's doing the TV Suits at the moment, because of her contract, not letting the rest of the cast down. I see only a year or two left of acting. Although, once the engagement is announced, the acting aspect will vanish, and the show will write her off as traveling or being in another city. She does have a good heart and loves her cast-mates. Her life purpose is greatly aligned with a lifetime of helping others.  Prince Harry's biological clock is ticking, the number 27 stands out, I see him looking to get married fast. He wants the Queen to be alive to attend the wedding and see him get married. I also see Harry rushing to get married, have a baby, and fast track things. The issue with this is, he's not allowing things to flow very naturally. There will be a phase of unhappiness by age 34 with his life. Expect to see him taking lots of trips, or even re-exploring the military, and other such avenues.  They will have a marriage/engagement announcement this Summer for a Spring 2018 wedding. She does want to quit Suits and will leave/be written out.

Miley Cyrus will announce a pregnancy. 

There will be a future scare involving a major Tennis match and a shooter, I see someone with a pistol. At the very least, you will see a shooting at a major sporting event.   Correct 2017 Congress Baseball Shooting

An area such as Miami, a coastal region will experience an exodus of refuges, also plane-wreck debree will wash on the shore.   

A lightening experiment will make headlines.  This will involve someone from the past such as Telsa, his or Edisons experiments will be done in the modern time with a twist. You will see breakthroughs in the energy field. 

President Trump will send people off on a huge boat. He will turn away refugees in record numbers and even remove people from the country, MN stands out.  I also hear stock exchange. I see the bell ringing.  He will take credit for historical large numbers in the stock market. He will announce new road construction, a major high way, and major work in Detriot. He wants the kind of expansion that our country saw in the 50's and 60's.  VP Pence will face rumors of infedility from his past or attacks on his marriage. 

The Atlanta Braves will make headlines. 

Atlanta Falcons will sign a dominant pass rusher to their defense.  You will also see a historical trade in the NFL of a once and a generation pass rusher. Someone will be cut or traded, and then be a major acquisition. This is an All Pro type of player. Not a mundane type of player.

The Patriots will begin to decline. 

A sniper will emerge in Chicago or Washington DC, expect news on sniper shootings to emerge.  CORRECT: A Judged overturned the DC Snipers case of Life without Paraole. A new trial is likely.

This is in Paris, a big city, but there was an accidential sniper shooting.

A major company will be busted for insider trading and trade deals. 

I see a major hockey teams ownership stakes being sold.  A hockey team will also reclocate.  Las Vegas will have a hockey expansion team in the future.    Updated: Las Vegas has a hockey team, but the Oakland Raiders just announced they are moving to Vegas! That is likely what I was seeing a major sports team moving.

Jerry Jones will have a major health announcement.   Added 3/11/2017, this may actually be a current or former Cowboys player with the major health announcement. 

Bill Murray will be linked to a new Ghostbusters movie or cartoon

Terrorist activity. A major shooting will occur in Minnesota, North Carolina, Utah.  

Utah Man was killed in London Terrorist attack:

A shooting will occur in a town or city with a P name. The name will be French or Polish.  

Correct: Shooting in French City with P name, Paris. Although, not Polish.

Canada will have a major shooting/shootings and close their boarders or start to take immigration seriously.  

A major female Opera singer will suddenly pass, or a hefty female singer in the music industry will suddenly pass from a sudden event death, such as Aretha Franklin. 

Updated 2/12/2017

President Trump is at a cross roads. What I mean by this is, if he makes a huge mistake or the wrong comment, I see his own party turning on him. An impeachment is being set up. I also see several different scenario's. The first is only one term, I see a similar statement as, "I wanted to make America Great Again, serve my country, I did what I set out to do."  I also see another scenario, depending upon the division where he would even step down. He has to be very cautious in his choices and behavior. Because lasting an entire term is going to be very difficult.  His own party is itching to remove him. I did not see Hillary lasting a full term if she won the election.  Previous predictions on where the country is headed on abortion, healthcare and etc appear to actually mirror the Trump administration. He has to be extremely careful, our country is very near multiple wars and conflicts.  Think of it like this, his own party is waiting to remove him, he already has people who are agaisn't him who have went public, the rest are awaiting for their chance. Essentially, Paul Ryan and others does not want to hurt their political future by going against him now.  His administration has to provide tangible, concrete flaws/scandals, once that happens, his own party will wash their hands. They badly want Pence in office. He will run an administration similar to Bush.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

Trump, Clinton, and Presidency

Trump, Clinton, and Presidency