Jack the Ripper

The Jack the Ripper case has been one of my favorite cases. I do have limited knowledge of the case from movies and other forms of media. By no means, am I some sort of expert or historian on the matter.  This case is difficult to "read" on the basis of the popularity and what our society knows. I was unable to make a direct connection to the killer via mediumship. The killer would not come forward. I was able through my psychic ability to connect to the case itself, rather than "Jack the Ripper", if that makes sense. I also connected with the first victim Mary Ann Nichols. I strongly feel the murders are connected to her.

Once I make a connection to the "real" Jack the Ripper case, I start seeing lots of different information. The first thing that I see is a man with darker hair, the hair is combed, and shorter. I see a full mustache, I also see a man who is very well dressed in a suit. I also see this man being married, there's a connection to a little girl. I see information on a home life or more of a refined life. He lived in the city.  I also see that he went out and lived a double life.  He lived in some sort of town house, with at least two levels, and a basement.  I see syphilis, I see drinking, I see an affair and prostitutes. There was a fear of a pregnancy coming out. With a fear of others finding out. Lots of tobacco around him. He was living a double life, a married one, while going out. I see a connection to books, teaching,  wore glasses at least to read, began losing hair on the top of his head in life, the hair was thinning, nut not by allot when he committed the murders, I see a Mustache, looks to be in his mid 30's or very early 40's. Not a young man, but not by any means old. Got into trouble. Connection to gambling, knew the first prostitute that was killed, all of the murders were about her, to silence everyone.  He was violent before. They were in a relationship, or at least he considered that.  Heavy drinker.  I see shouting, a fight, hands around her neck,  I hear the words, you whore, you slept with him,  you're mine, connection to paper or money slipped in dress, stuck it in her dress, killed her, beat her, bloody, then stabbed.  I see a punch to the face. 

I see another man that liked to watch others have sex, he appears lurking in the shadows, I see him being clean shaven.  He has a connection to the docks, boats, fishing, body of water, he's also walks with a limp. I'm unsure if he had these afflictions during the murders, but he did later in life, he suffered a stroke.  This stroke caused an impairment with one arm, especially in the hand area, and issues with one eye.  The stroke may have occurred later in life. I see this man with a knife that is curved.  This man had issues with money. He was not a ladies man. He also talked a little bit funny, there's a sense around him that he had a handicap mentally as well. He's not right in the head. He suffers from sexual performance issues. Spent time in an asylum. Also may have suffered from syphilis as well. He appears in his 40's or 50's, he's not a young man in age.  He worked on the docks. He had facial stubble, not a beard. He has white hair around his ears, with darker hair that may even appear a little lighter depending on how the sun hits it. I see workman pants, and a pea-coat. He also gutted fish, and really big fish at that. He would spend time out at sea. He lurks out of the bars and in the shadows. He has a violent temper, prone to cussing, a very violent man who was very jealous. He was a pervert. 

The scenario that I keep seeing is the first suspect that I mentioned, the married man visited the first victim. They had a relationship of some sorts, there was a fight, and at the very least some kind of violence.  The second suspect watched and observed. I do not see all of the murders being committed by one person. There was actually a combination of killers, committing a combination of murders. I'm unsure if suspect 1, hired suspect 2, or if suspect 2 observed suspect 1 committing the murders.  This case is truly remarkable.  The most important thing that I keep hearing is victim number 1 is the most important, it all starts with her.  The rest of the victims were killed to cover the killers tracks. This is someone that victim 1 spoke of, and they all knew that she saw. There was knowledge of a prior relationship.  I strongly believe that suspect 1 wanted to cover his tracks to protect his name, and his double life. I'm unsure if suspect 2 observed the killings or if he was contracted for hire.  Suspect 2 was also very violent, insanely violent, jealous, and not right mentally. Suspect 1 was very jealous when he drank, quick temper, and violent towards women.   At the very least, I hope that providing this information will help someone put together the pieces to this puzzle. 

I'm attempting to connect to the first victim Mary Ann Nichols.  She immediately tells me several things, she references a cross connected to the grave, a possible tombstone. She also tells me in the 20th century and later on things were done for her grave in commemoration and out of memory. She also tells me, the kids do ghost tours around her graves, there's ghost walks, and people visit with her. She also says, things are left at her grave by strangers paying respects and items. She's very grateful for all of that.  She says, I was a good person, I tried to take care of the girls. I was like a Mother to them. They became my family.  She's showing me a necklace, and an image of her when she was younger. She says, I used to be a very good woman then. I tried to be a good woman when I became older.  I trusted the wrong people. I got hurt. I dealt with some very abusive men. I was hungry. I wanted a loaf of bread. I hang around the bar and had drinks.  There was a much younger fellow, that had taken a liking to me, I was his dirty secret.   I see her smiling with missing teeth.  She says, I gave him a good ranglin.  He was embarrassed at what would come out. Embarrassed at who I would tell about our affair. I was not the sort of woman that was taken in certain circles. He was very paranoid and cut my throat.  He also killed at least two of the girls. He was very paranoid. He also assaulted a man that was very near and dear to us. 

The man he assaulted, I see having a full beard, black coat, and very protective.   The man that killed her was wearing a brown coat, mustache, brown hair, short and combed. He was a teacher or professional even. He also had a sense of religion around him. He dabbled in drugs, drinking that made him crazy.  He had another personality.  I see an image of a boat, boat docks, water. He appears about 20 years younger than her,  perhaps minus a few years. I also see a gap in the murders. Such as he killer her, than killed victim 3.  There's a gap in the murder pattern. I see suspect 2 committing murders 2, 4, and 5.  This may be out of order in who committed what murders. This is an example.

So in conclusion, I strongly believe there was two murderers.    Suspect 1 is more likely to write the letters, because of his education status. I see him in a room, with a wooden desk that is elevated and smaller, this smaller desk can rise, move up and down in the angles. I see this man wearing thin glasses, writing, and sending the letters in.  The glasses are used for writing, but not in his every day life. Suspect 2, seems like he could barely read, because of his IQ levels and mental insanity, he would not be able to make much sense.  I do feel strongly that Suspect 2 witnessed the original murder, was aroused by the violence and committed several of the following murders. Suspect 1 returned to murder one of the girls that was best friends with the first victim. He was very paranoid. Suspect 2, also gutted fish, had fisherman knives, and has connections to the docks.