Justin Chase Mullins 2018 Predictions

Justin Chase Mullins 2018 Predictions

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Welcome to my 2018 Predictions.  I'm submitting these predictions in the order they were presented to me. This year's predictions will be simple, and neat.  I will not providing categories or photos, and so on. If guided, I may make additions later in the next several months, any additions will have a date added in the headline.  You may request specific additions by emailing info@justinchasemullins.com.  

Chip and Joanna Gaines Divorce

Trouble is brewing in paradise between the couple. Despite announcing a new pregnancy. I am seeing a divorce for the couple.  The divorce may not be announced in 2018, but will happen at the latest in the next several years.  They are growing apart and their media empire has split the marriage.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady Issues

Under the 2017 predictions, I saw Bill Belichick retiring or leaving the Patriots within a year or two.  Several things are going to occur.  Coach Bill Belichick will leave the Patriots by 2019.  I also see Tom Brady having knee injuries and his production will decline.  I see two years of injuries and production drop off for Brady.

Oprah Winfrey will run for President.

I view Oprah as being the "light".  She's extremely motivational, metaphysical, and will view running against President as her calling.  I have predicted this in several places, Under the blog President Trump, I wrote" A Democratic President is next in line.  I see African American energy and female energy too. Expect a very diverse ticket in the future. No matter who won the 2017 election, I was seeing an impeachment or resignation, this is what I would define as a set event. March 2018 also stands out as a very important time frame.   Under, The Future of Our Country (Our Next War) I wrote, "The Democrats are very likely to roll out another female candidate such as Elizabeth Warren, or even Oprah.  The Democratic party will have a diverse candidate in the next election."

Donald Trump

I see an image of a fist. I'm hearing he will rule with an iron fist. I see more aggression from President Trump in regards to his policies, his media relations and his dealings.  The United States will bomb another country in 2018. 

I also see issues regarding France being attacked.  A plane will be hijacked and crashed. A military will also fire without authorization.  A diplomat with French connections will be murdered in a terrorist attack. A car will be driven into a diplomatic building, killing those in crowds, this will happen in front of a diplomatic building.  I also see a gas attack.

There will be Acid Rain or Toxic Rain in Europe

A submarine will be attacked.

Russia will attack two nations.

There will be a standoff or conflict in Syria or Iraq involving Russia and another country (potentially the US). This is regarding a pipe line.

China will manipulate currency.

I am hearing the Stock Market Bell, I see this breaking.   Expect to see a record high. 

I also see New York City cleared in the streets.  I see Wallstreet closed down. 

There will be a government shut down. 

Ford will be sold or have a merger with another company, like they will acquire a car company.

Expect more Flooding in the United States. There will be more issues of toxic water.  This is also throughout many states. 

I see shooting into moving traffic.  I also see cars being driven very fast.  There will be terrorism involving the highway/interstate in a major city.

Drugs will be found in pillows. A drug bust involving a pillow truck.

Expect Ecstasy to make the headlines regarding a famous blond headed female.

Tony Stark will die in the new Avengers 4 movie.

Jurassic Park Chris will be in two romantic flings and high profile break ups.

There will be fire in Las Vegas on the strip.

David Venbale of QVC will have a health announcement regarding the organs in the stomach area.

Glenn Beck's the Blaze will go bankrupt. He will work with another television company.

Lebron James will have a broken bone. He has 1 year or less left with the Caviler's.  They will have a front office or ownership change.

A sailboat will make news for a wreck regarding a boat on the water ,such as hitting rocks.

Donald Trump will make news for his sons education.   There will be issues regarding his mental health, expect Alzheimer claims or dementia claims.  He will begin to make angry, bizarre statements. He will create a 500 billion-700 dollar billion road way announcement or project.  There will be a shooting in Washington regarding a member of office.  For example, I see Mike Pence regarding a scare.   A female woman in power, will step down with throat issues.  Think Nancy Pelosi.   There will be issues in Washington with terrorist attacks regarding moving traffic and cars.

United States will be involved in a new war in the Middle East regarding Russia, Iraq/Syria, and those types of countries.

Major California fires in 2018.

As predicted in the 2017 predictions, Amazon will acquire Target and have a market place.

Vince Vaughan will have a TV show.

Technology will be purposed for boarder control without a wall, such as unique fence with electricity, such as an invisible barrier.

Trump will attempt to end Obama care and still be met with struggles.

Mitch McConnell will step down from a scandal.

Land will sink.   Expect to hear news of sinking holes or huge sink holes.

There will be stability issues regarding a major DAM.

The Trump Impeachment will be in 2019 as discussed in other predictions on my website.

Pot will be at a standstill for 2018 on becoming legal. I see regulations and tons of legal red tape.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be expecting within a year. (I predicted their engagement and her leaving suits in the 2017 predictions)

There will be a major death in the British Royal Family.

Angelina Jolie will have issues with her health, I see news on an eating disorder, and also drug's involving needles.  There will be a drug announcement making headlines.

Jennifer Anniston will have baby news, she may even adopt.

Brad Pitt will be in a serious relationship and eventually engaged.

Jennifer Lawrence will settle down into a long term relationship and eventually have kids.

Tony Robbins will have another film, or movie. I see him at the very least as an executive producer.

Johnny Depp will continue to spiral. I see numerous girlfriends and a sense of him finding his place. He needs to downsize his finances.

Developing Your Intuition 101

Developing Your Intuition 101

Prediction confirmed.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement.

Prediction confirmed. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement.