2017-2018 Prediction Confirmations including Aretha Franklin's passing

2017-2018 Prediction Confirmations including Aretha Franklin's passing

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The work that I do has nothing to do with me. This is a principal that I learned years ago upon doing readings. Followed by my newest lesson. I am not my abilities.  I am not my website. I am not even my name. I'm a spiritual being having a human experience, a soul, and a spirit.  I am going to discuss several predictions from the period 2017-2018. One involves a prediction that came through on someones passing.  In private or group readings, I would never disclose any death predictions, that is highly unethical.  When I attempt to do world predictions, I tap into an energy for major events.  As a psychic medium, I have my own symbol set and I interpret messages.  Several years ago I made public predictions on a famous comedian passing during suicide, I saw an image of Jim Carrey. That same year, Robin Williams took his own life. Although, Jim Carrey's Ex Girlfriend took her life as well.  An example of symbols would be seeing Jim Carrey, but then he's a symbol for famous comedian.  That same year, I made a public prediction on my website about a blond star passing tragically, Paul Walker passed.  In my own life, I've had dreams of family members passing with a voice sorta narrating and sadly they have passed a month or two later. Recently, I dreamed that my sweet dog would pass and he did a week later. His death has been one of the hardest things in my life that I've ever dealt with.  In my bio, I discuss dreaming of two local murders before they happened as well in detail.  I'm not someone that would ever touch these subjects in private readings or ever answer questions on when someone will cross over. 

I do want to discuss several predictions for the sake of bringing awareness to the aspect of psychic ability.   I live in such a lovely area with amazing people. But something I encounter is such a stigma to psychic and mediumistic gifts. People tend to know who I am without an introduction being needed. I'm typically met with interest, followed by smirks, and whispers.  Everyone is a Spirit and Soul in a body. Intuition is part of your universal birthright. Everyone has abilities. So what I do, everyone is capable of on some level. I've also observed in doing this work that predictions may be off by a year.  Think of it like this, I'm tapping into different dimensions and frequencies. I'm only the messenger and vessel. Something may be explained as being a year, but occur for example a year and five months. 

I'm not someone who seeks attention in doing this work. In my profession there's so much of a me, me me type of energy, where it's all about the celebrity Medium what he or she can do. None of this work is about the Medium, it's all about God and Spirit.  This is a very special gift. As a Medium, I am connecting those to very special people that have crossed over. This is not for entertainment. This is a very powerful gift that I don't take for granted. I work with powerful forces. I am not very certain I would appear in the spotlight on an entertainment show at the moment. The biggest aspect to consider would be helping people, the focus of the project, and so on. It's important in doing this work to maintain a sense of humbleness and detachment from the EGO. A mantra I repeat before doing a reading is, it's not about Justin, it's not about me, it's all about Spirit.

Under 2017 Predictions I shared that Aretha Franklin would pass away.  I said, "A major female Opera singer will suddenly pass, or a hefty female singer in the music industry will suddenly pass from a sudden event death, such as Aretha Franklin. " She passed away 8-16-2018.  

George Clooney

I see an accident involving skiing or water skiing. I see George giving a thumbs up. He will be on a talk show, think Jimmy Fallon, telling a story and joking about the incident. I see an image of George surrounded by two models. Expect to hear rumors about another woman or a connection to another model.  The energy around Clooney's marriage or whatever romantic situation that he's in is about 4-5 years. This will end in divorce.   Validation is the accident: https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/10/europe/george-clooney-scooter-accident-italy-intl/index.html

I am going to share several prediction confirmations that I feel is worth mentioning. "I see a major hockey teams ownership stakes being sold.  A hockey team will also reclocate.  Las Vegas will have a hockey expansion team in the future.    Updated: Las Vegas has a hockey team, but the Oakland Raiders just announced they are moving to Vegas! That is likely what I was seeing a major sports team moving."  As a psychic medium, I heard Las Vegas, the sports aspect was a symbol showing a major team move to Las Vegas. (2017 Predictions)

The LA Lakers will experience a change in the Front Office, President or GM type of roles. The current Coach Luke Walton feels safe.  Los Angeles Lakers Governor Jeanie Buss announced today that the team has named Earvin "Magic" Johnson as President of Basketball Operations. In addition, General Manager Mitch Kupchak has been relieved of his duties, effective immediately. Furthermore, Jim Buss will no longer hold his role as Lakers Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations.  (2017 Predictions)

In 2017, I said Lebron James, He will begin to have the injury bug. I see an issue with a finger on his shooting hand. I've previously predicted injury problems.  He will eventually leave the Cav's within 2-3 years.  In 2018 Predictions, Lebron James will have a broken bone. He has 1 year or less left with the Caviler's.  They will have a front office or ownership change.  The validations are that he left for the Lakers. He also broke his hand in the NBA Finals by punching the wall after the first game loss. The Cav's had a change in the Front Office as well.

Major California fires in 2018.  This is occurring in the present.

There will be a standoff or conflict in Syria or Iraq involving Russia and the United States.   The validation is the United States bombed Syria (2018)

Ford will be sold or have a merger with another company, like they will acquire a car company. Ford had a change at CEO and also is not making some models of Ford cars. (2018)

Angelina Jolie will have issues with her health, I see news on an eating disorder, and also drug's involving needles.  (2017-2018)  She has made the news for eating disorder rumors.

Prediction Confirmed. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Engagement and Marriage (2017-2018)

OJ Simpson Parole Prediction (2017)

Prior Predictions already covered 2017-2018

There will be a future scare involving a major Tennis match and a shooter, I see someone with a pistol. At the very least, you will see a shooting at a major sporting event. (A member of Congress was shot at softball practice for the annual Congressional game. This was the shooting at a major sports event) (2017 Predictions)
Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions (Under 2016-2017 Predictions)
Amazon bought Wholesale Foods (2017)
An area such as Miami, a coastal region will experience an exodus of refugees. (Trump was just in Miami and is undoing major Cuba agreements)  (2017)
UK Terrorist Attacks, United States, France, 2017
This was posted on April 17th.  Within 3-4 weeks of this post, a spree of terrorist attacks occurred throughout all of the countries that I mentioned, including the United States
(Within 2-3 weeks, I'm seeing another bombing or terrorist attack with Middle East connections. You will see another terrorist attack or strike in America on the Northern East Coast by Summer. This could be at the very least similar to previous attacks, rather than a 9-11 type of event. Think what has occurred over the past several years. I see a wave of energy where France will also be attacked. I see at least 29-30+ people murdered in a terrorist event. I see traffic, buses, and so on. There is also London/UK energy) (North Korea and Future Terrorist Attack Blog)
The United States just suffered a Congressman being shot.  Source
There was attacks in the UK, United States, France, all beginning 3 weeks from April 17th as stated.
These predictions were listed next to each other on the blog and occurred at the same time
(2017) A major building or landmark will burn down.   Grenfell Tower 2017
(2017) A major ship will be in the news.  This will be a modern ocean liner sinking.  US Ship Collision

I take no great comfort in predictions like this.  On April 17th I made several predictions under the blog titled The Future of North Korea.

The UK 2017
I predicted, "Within 2-3 weeks, I'm seeing another bombing or terrorist attack with Middle East connections.  You will see another terrorist attack or strike in America on the Northern East Coast by Summer. This could be at the very least similar to previous attacks, rather than a 9-11 type of event. Think what has occurred over the past several years.  I see a wave of energy where France will also be attacked. I see at least 29-30+ people murdered in a terrorist event. I see traffic, buses, and so on. There is also London/UK energy

A little over 3 weeks the Manchester UK terrorist attack occurred.  This matches the prediction based upon the location being in the UK, and the volume of those murdered. The outside of the concert had traffic, buses, and pure chaos. This was a horrible event in the UK.     

From my point of view as a Psychic Medium, when I attempt to make a connection and look at future events, the energy of something such as a massive attack easily appears. When doing the prediction, I heard 30+ people/London/Near 3+ weeks.  I also see energy as the prediction stated for an event in America by Summer and another in France. These are all for the short-term future which is 2017, and possibility 2018.

The June 3rd 2017 Terrorist Attack
This attack closely matches what I was seeing with the cars, traffic, and etc.  London Bridge Terrorist Attack June 3rd 2017. The conclusion is I was seeing a combination of attacks in the UK.  The first piece of evidence that I saw was the death toll being 30+, that matches the Manchester attack.  The second piece of evidence is more relevant on the second attack with the cars, buses, and so on.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/03/london-bridge-incident-armed-police-respond-several-people-mown/

July 6th Notre Dame Attack Paris France
Under 2015 Predictions I said, "A famous building with ties to Italy, and/or Europe is going to be destroyed or vandalized. I see this being some type of clock tower or bell tower, near a church.  " https://justinchasemullins.com/blog/2016/9/20/2015-predictions-recap

I also predicted in the article titled  The Future of North Korea. "I see a wave of energy where France will also be attacked." "http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/06/06/incident-reported-at-notre-dame-cathedral-in-paris-police-say.html

June 15th 2017
GOP House Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after shooting at baseball practice.  
Original predictions included in 2017 Predictions stated, "I see a shooting at a major sports event."  Followed by the North Korea Predictions predicting a wave of terroist activity involving the UK, London, and a United States attack by Summer. I predicted this all would begin 3 weeks from April 17th. The events around a week after that timeline.

The below original post on Terrorism attacks was one paragraph. The post has been broken down in sentence form to site the sources for reference to validate the predictions. 

Terrorist related,  KY stands out, around the Fort Knox area.  

TN stands out, such as Nashville.  http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/22/us/tennessee-chattanooga-school-bus-accident/

At the very least, an area with Fort in the name or an F initial. 

Riots and Terrorism,  I look at SC, FL, GA, MA as potential spots. Expect renewed threats during the Boston Marathon.

I see information on a California Mall.   I see information on Seattle, and boats. 

Interesting: The mall shooting occurred in Washington two days after I posted the predictions. In the original post I had all of the terrorist activity posted in one paragraph.  Next to the California Mall sentence, I wrote, I see information on Seattle, and boats.  The boats could have been a reference to show Seattle Washington.  The shooting occurred at a Washington Mall.    http://abcnews.go.com/US/report-active-shooter-mall-burlington-washington/story?id=42321253

Johnny Depp
I am seeing Johnny having cancer or being associated with a cancer cause. This is associated to a female relative of his who's suffered through cancer. He's going through a personal period in his life to where he's challenged.  This will not be a career focused time in Johnny's life.  But rather, I see a purge of where he's selling assets or reducing some of his houses. This will be do to financial concerns and a financial purge. I see a connection between Depp and electric cars. He will become more environmental friendly.  His status as a major box office draw is going to begin to dwindle. I also see Depp becoming even more of a recluse. He will enter a period to where he goes into hiding or exits the spotlight. I would not be surprised if he takes several years off from acting in the future. Expect to see a few years out of the spotlight, he will focus on music. He will also spend time in a type of facility for emotional, and substance abuse.

Meghan Kelley

I predicted that she would leave Fox News for NBC in 2017.  She badly wants to be a Kelly Ripa type of celebrity with more of a daytime type of format.  She is not as connected to politics as she previously was. I see that as a stepping stone. She will have a politic involvement because that's what brought her to do the dance.  But I don't see her Day Time transition being great.

Bill O'Reilly

I am seeing him attached to a scandal that is unfavorable to his character and that will linger throughout 2017. I would not be shocked if he steps down from the show or has a type of hiatus. He's going through a transition period in his life where he will have a type of retirement from his current show format. I see more traveling, books, speaking engagements. The speaking engagements will be huge for him. I see a type of tour.

I've touched on several predictions. Review the links at the start of the article to review all that I've discussed previously. I'm hearing the first 100 days. You will 100% see protests in Washington DC. I see women walking in arms. This will have a link to Gay-Rights or a Gay-Protest. This will be an attempt at a peaceful protest. Expect major news in 2017 over Gay-Rights involving a potential bill or bill change.  There will be protests also in San Francisco, and in Sanctuary cities.  I've previously discussed a link to Russia, the Hacking, Wiki-Leaks and Trump.  Despite what one would assume from the outside that Trump and Russia will work great.  I do see problems developing within about 3 years from now.  There's a massive potential for a World War type of involvement. Where Russia and the United States would be more aggressive. China is very passive, but watching. They would be pulling the proverbial strings from behind closed doors by manipulating the market. China would step in near the end.  There will also be more War in the Middle East in Israel. He will have massive change. It's going to be very tailored to what he wants. Expect to see massive building and construction too.   He will have a wave of his own executive orders. Trump will be signing a new trade agreement.  He will have a major healthcare plan that I've been discussing in another post.

I'm seeing information on a government regulated gun, or an official recommended gun for people to have. As crazy as this sounds, we will see a government gun program for an official fire arm.    https://kitup.military.com/2017/02/modular-handgun-system-2.html

He will also start to work on the major highways. I see a massive highway project from the East Coast to the West Coast.   I've discussed this in another post. But California will secede from the United States and be followed by at least three states in the future.



Prediction Confirmation Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting

Prediction Confirmation Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting

Developing Your Intuition 101

Developing Your Intuition 101