Paranormal and the Afterlife

For those that investigate the paranormal. There's a few important things to keep in mind. It's not fun and games or entertainment. You are investigating the great unknown. In interacting with any potential Spirit that has not crossed over, there's a great deal of energy involved that is not always positive. The Spirit/person that has not crossed over is likely fighting a battle of not wanting to move forward, living an experience of reliving mistakes in their life or even experiences in their life that are prohibiting them from moving into the light. What phenomenon are you actually investigating? The phenomenon could potentially be a leak in the fabric of time where people and events of the past or interacting with the present. Perhaps we are the ghosts to them? Perhaps the phenomenon is more residual. Energy that is playing events like a loop where the potential Spirits/People are not aware of the investigator.

Another phenomenon to consider is the Spirit/Person may have crossed over, but are able to travel through portals and doorways. They may not be in need or in need of help. But rather greeting someone who is calling out to them or visiting their prior residence.

There's always a yin and yang. A light to the dark. Forces that you are investigating or seeking may not even be human. The darker forces are very methodical and powerful. But not as powerful as the forces of the light. Those forces are very dangerous. The darker have ways for destroying lives through depression, health problems, financial and relationship woes. Be careful about what you seek and communicate with.

Lastly, every Spirit/Person that is being investigated should be treated with the same love and compassion that you would treat your most treasured loved one. Everything that you are doing unknowingly is opening up doorways and making connections, both good and bad. Everyone is sensitive and throughout paranormal exposure can even become more heightened and aware of when activity is near. Certainly caution most always be used, regardless.

Through my work as a Medium in making connections with those that have passed and crossed over. The crossed over Spirit/Person comes from a place of love. When someone dies and crosses over. Typically, we will see that bright light. This is almost like a type of a rebirth. Sounds will be heightened. We are met by our loved ones who have passed. The white light is blinding and then our eyes adjust. Through the white light are people, and the longer you look, the more your eyes will adjust. The Afterlife will have similarities to this world in the aspect of having communities, there will be learning and ever evolving roles. Our loved ones reach out through various formats including dreams, animals, signs, numbers, and feelings. As a Medium, I see, hear, know, smell, and taste. Through communicating with those that have passed. It's like speaking another language and even learning another language. Oddly, it's not as different as dream interpretation or dreams. The Afterlife is similar to the format of dreaming, it's another dimension with different rules and laws. Those that have passed directly still interact and watch out for us in this world. Those that have passed are always very eager to make themselves known and communicate. Time does not have the same meaning in the Afterlife. People that have crossed over often take their younger forms. Although they will appear through dreams in their older forms or through a Mediumship session in their older forms with previous health issues as a way to make themselves known. Just because you die, does not mean that you are dead. Our loved ones are with us more than ever, and very aware of all that we are doing.