Legends, Treasure, and the Unknown

One of my abilities is Remote Viewing.  Essentially, I'm able to see rooms, objects, and people in a "psychic sense" aka "mentally" from afar.  In focusing on the Ark of the Convenant I pick up on several things: I see the Ark located in Spain.  The Ark was moved by the Knights Templar. It's located in a white block castle with an ocean view. The castle is located high above ground, looking down at the ocean below.  I also see a tower.  The tower is facing the ocean, and made out of white block. The tower has a spiral staircase. The castle appears to be in ruins or at the very least on the wing that I'm seeing, having wear and tear.  At the bottom of the tower is an entrance to an underground treasure trove. 

I foresee the Holy Grail being located in Ireland.  The Grail has several strange connections. The Grail has been on the move from Ireland, to France, to Canada, and there's even connections to Minnesota. I see a pillar in a church in Ireland or Scotland.  I also hear private collections.  It's quite possible that there's literally two Holy Grails, or to Grails with major ties. One is in a private collection with a connection to Canada and Minnesota.  There's another Grail like object located in a pillar in a church with connection to Scotland or Ireland.  The Grail has been on the move over the years.  

When I focus on Atlantis. I'm hearing that Plato's story was based from Crete. However, there's massive structures and an undiscovered civilization miles under the Antarctic ice.

Despite the Planet Venus being 900 degrees, there's actually intelligent life on the Planet.  The Alien life has inter-dimensional technology, they appear as Shadows.  They are able to travel between dimensions. I see this going on with a huge focus on the Planet Venus. 

When I tune in to what is undiscovered on Earth.  The interior of our planet is undiscovered, civilizations that rival known human history lived underground and commuted to the underground. They are long gone, but evidence remains of their existence.

I see Pyramids being a huge energy source and conductor.  The dimensions are universally very powerful.

I have several things that I'm picking up on the Titanic.  There's still human remains in sealed compartments near the interior of the ship.  I see artifacts in the cargo room that is worth exploring.  On the debris field I see what resembles clothing, this is black clothing, or a rubber like material. I see some type of toilet or chamber pot near. Buried near what I'm seeing are several jewels.  The future of the Titanic is a mass salvage. Parts of the ship will attempted to be raised a few pieces at a time, including salvaging items. 

Thomas Jefferson left behind a time capsule that will be found and revealed in the future!