Future of Transportation

The future of cars primarily self-driving is not 10-15 years away, but rather 5 at the most. What I'm seeing with transportation is that the Government will first mandate those that fall under this criteria "DUI's, Old Age, Traffic Tickets, Younger Age" all have computer based/automatic driving. Expect to see laws passed in that regards in several phases. We will begin to see this by 2019.

Eventually, everyone will be required to have computers drive the car.  Insurances will have higher premiums for those that choose to "self-drive", this will turn into a big liability, and Civil Suit type of issue if someone chooses to drive or drink and drive and injuries or kills someone in a transportation related accident.  Many vendors will begin to rise such as Uber.  That will be the first of many that will have the self-driven/computer driven, rent-a-car.