Future of Television

We are seeing glimpses of the future of television.   The days of traditional television are over.Television will begin to work allot like Amazon Prime.  Expect to see Xfinity, and other providers continue to offer Netflix Integrations, Hulu, and etc. The future of television will be interactive consoles, and package add-ons. This will be similar to what Dish is doing with Sling TV. Expect to see massive integration.  Major cell phone companies will merge with major television companies and work with such companies as Apple, and Google.  We are likely to see for example Dish TV brought to you by Apple, or Apple TV/Google buying out Dish Network.  We will see massive synergy with all of these companies working together in the entertainment spectrum. 

We have started to see the next big thing with Amazon Voice.  How this is going to expand will be mind blowing.  Our homes and all of our devices will work from our voice. The technology will be very updated and work very sleekly.  Our computers and devices will work from our voices.  Everything will become hand free and keyboards will become an antique. 

We are years away from the technology, but humans will be blended with robotics. Such as arm's and limbs. This will be for those that have suffered lost limbs. The technology will be enhanced and updated beyond belief. I also see a future where we have chip upgrades to access the Internet and our phones. This will be done on a virtual basis and mental basis.  This will first come to virtual glasses.  This will later move to chip implants that are done around our eyes and brain.  These consoles will be virtual within our own mind.    We will be able to create shopping lists, order food, and do everything with a thought, and mentally.