Predictions for Late 2016 and Early 2017

Predictions for Late 2016 and Early 2017



I predicted in 2014-2015 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt marriage problems. They are now going through a divorce. I'm seeing some big information on Jolie. She will be linked to a woman in the future. I see her in a lesbian relationship. But I also see her with a couple! At the very least she could be dating a married couple, a female who is married, or have two relationships at the same time. She will embrace different lifestyle changes.

I see a famous African American with a squeaky clean image linked to Cocaine or major drug usage. This would be for example someone like Will Smith or Lebron James. Something really just completely out there and unexpected. Although, it will not be Lebron that is just an example. 

Tiger Woods was arrested in May 2017 for a DUI.

Adding this on 10/30/2016.  I've had Jim Carrey on my mind the past week.  I am seeing Carrey checking in to a substance abuse or rehab facility. His health does not feel well. His mental health does not feel well. I see Carrey abusing prescription drugs. He is experiencing a ton of mental health and drug related issues.

When I tune in to celeb related stuff, a light skinned actress with dark brown or black hair will be murdered or have a major suicide, I see an image of a throat slit.

I also see the energy for another type of OJ Simpson type of chase. A celebrity will catch the spotlight for a huge police chase. This will be fueled by Black Lives Matter. With a mindset of, I'm running, because the police are corrupt. That will be the narrative.  We will see our generations version of the OJ Simpson trial. 

Update: I strongly believe I was seeing OJ's Paraole. I kept seeing OJ Simpson, the bronco, media attention. What I'm actually seeing is "OJ Mania" remerging in the news and he will get paraole. .

When I tune in for 2016. I see a male celebrity, light skinned, brownish hair that is long on the front, hints of red in the hair, short on the sides, he's in his 40's or 50s. He will make an announcement about his health, it will be sexual related, such as a disease. Could even be related about his sexual preference. 

Interesting. This may be what I was seeing. The Flip or Flop Scandal

I predicted in previous years that Bill Cosby's will in-fact face trial. Despite most media sources reporting a trial would be impossible because of statue of limitations. I saw a District Attorney hungry for news coverage and career advancement.   Trial is scheduled for next year. I do not see Bill Cosby going to trial. He will pass-away before the trial or during the trial. I see lots of illness around him, I see a cancer diagnosis that he's yet not made public. Expect to see the diagnosis made public in the future. 

In Progress: His lawyers are attempting to get Cosby out of trial because of illness. I still believe he will pass away because of the stress of the problems, career embarrassment, and ruin.  He's no longer beloved. His body will shut down. Alternative means will be used if his body doesn't


In the next year or two, expect to see an Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Actress  in a Transgender/Gay themed movie.  The Academy will be embracing more diversity. I also see an Asian best supporting actor. This will not be in 2017, but rather about two years. When I focus on the Academy awards I see Tom Hanks doing well, and Anna Kendrick.  Anna may be a presenter.  One of the nominees may have an A name such as Anna or similar frame and red hair.  I also see an African American nominee for best actor.   I see Justin Timberlake around the Academy Awards. He may be a future host!

Correct: This year's nominee's has more diversity than ever in major categories. Timberlake is also preforming! The film Moonlight was based around a gay character. 

Best Actress Emma Stone,  Anna=Emma, Red Hair

Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali Moonlight, Casey Affleck

A Names including Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali Moonlight, Casey Affleck

Best Supporting Actor in a Gay Themed Movie: Mahershala Ali

African American Nominee for best actor: Denzel Washington

2/27/2017-The Slash was added next to Transgender to include Gay themed movie. This was part of what I was seeing, just not fully communicated or written. I fully expect a transgender best picture by the next two years.

On a side note: Tom Hanks was mistakenly listed on the website as a nominee. He may also play a bigger role in the next year or two for best actor.

Prediction 1: African American Celeb with Music connections and sports connections driving a red SUV, he's intoxicated, he hits two cars with the SUV. This turns into a big TMZ thing. He's wearing a tracksuit. An example would be someone similar to Drake. Or a situation where there's a music star in the car and a sports star. Prediction 2: A celeb will be murdered with a gunshot to the face. This will be in a type of robbery or dispute. This will be outdoors. West Coast connection. Expect to see this occur very soon. I see a tracksuit, redhat, I see the scenery being outdoors at night.

Correct: Although, this didn't occur at night.  Joe Mcknight played college football for USC in California and the team colors were red. He also played for the Kansas City Chiefs which had red uniforms.  A separate prediction in the first paragraph mentions a SUV.  Although the SUV in this incident was not red.  Joe Mcknight was African American, had sports connection, ties to the color red, this was reported on TMZ.

Political, United States and World

Early 2017, expect to see a US Navy Ship attacked or we may even do the attacking. I see a Navy Ship, shots fired.   

I hear shots fired across the boarder, expect to see ISIS trying to cross the boarder or firing shots from another countries boarder.



The below original post on Terrorism attacks was one paragraph. The post has been broken down in sentence form to site the sources for reference to validate the predictions. 

Terrorist related,  KY stands out, around the Fort Knox area.  

TN stands out, such as Nashville.

At the very least, an area with Fort in the name or an F initial. 

Riots and Terrorism,  I look at SC, FL, GA, MA as potential spots. Expect renewed threats during the Boston Marathon.


I see information on a California Mall.   I see information on Seattle, and boats. 

Interesting: The mall shooting occurred in Washington two days after I posted the predictions. In the original post I had all of the terrorist activity posted in one paragraph.  Next to the California Mall sentence, I wrote, I see information on Seattle, and boats.  The boats could have been a reference to show Seattle Washington.  The shooting occurred at a Washington Mall.

I hear the word Pakistan.  I see another major riot in Charlotte, NC. There will be a terrorism type of plot in the Charlotte. NC area with a bomb.  I see issues with WV roads. I see problems around a Michigan Dam. I hear Utah.  

There was not any issues with Dam's in Michigan. But there were issues around a California dam.

I see an image of a school bus. There will be an issue with a school bus and another school bus, this will be on the Western side of the United States.    Correct:

Correct (Although, incorrect on the Western Side of the United States, the collusion was with another bus, not school bus)

There will be issues in the very South of SC.  I also see issues in Los Angeles with riots, buses being attacked. A renewed Rodney King type of situation. Also, expect more issues with Black Lives Matters and Milwaukee.

I see a major protest or parade being stopped. We will see major police force, with such things as water hosing or brute force.  CORRECT:

Correct: Native American Protests have received brute police force.

More water problems are coming. A major region or state is going to be without water for at least a month.    A factory or plant in PA will have major issues to where around the area such as the town or city is not liveable. 


Expect to see Tornado activity pick up. Allot of the natural disasters will be in the middle of America and west coast with issues such as drought, Tornado's and etc. I do not see a ton of Hurricanes causing havoc.   Correct: This was a very mild Hurricane season.  Gatlinburg, TN also experienced horrific and fatal fires due to drought.

A new-station will have a terrorist attack or suspected bombing. At the very least, a local new-station will have a suspected bomb on site. 

Glenn Beck will make a major announcement on air about his health. I see heart issues around him. He will have a heart attack and make lifestyle changes. 

Predoction In Progress:  Thankfully nothing heart related has occurred. But Beck did throw out his back on air, and made an announcement about that.

New information on the Making a Murderer case will be released and it will not be positive.  The evidence will be damning. This will not be in favor of the man in jail.

New information on the Jon Benet Ramsey case will be released. This will be about lost evidence, evidence that was dismissed for example. Could even be DNA related. This will be in 2017. Someone else will even come forward.


I see a Major Airline merger. 

I see Ted Cruz announcing a major project in Texas, I see foundations, shovels, this will be a big deal. 

As you can tell by several of my predictions, race issues will continue to be a huge factor for years to come. I do not see the riots and race issues becoming better anytime soon.

I am seeing major cell phone company mergers.  A company such as T-Mobile or Sprint will merge with a television company. That is the wave of the future! All of these companies will join forces, and integrate services.  For example, the Verizon portfolio will have television, music, and other internet services.  The same will be for Xfinity and other providers. 

Correct: Time Warner Merged with AT&T


A nuclear reactor will overflow and/or erupt.   


Grass/Weed Killer will be put inside of food by mistake.

Meghan Kelly will leave Fox News.  I see Meghan changing political parties, and becoming Liberal. I also see Meghan working for NBC "a network similar to NBC" and hosting an iconic television show. Think Katie Couric leaving the Today show as an example.


Added 11-4-2016 I've had this on my mind for several months and briefly tweeted about this, I see Donald Trump and Roger Ailes (former head of Fox News) will launch a new political network, with the Trump name behind it.  This will occur in 2017.


Cubs will be in the World Series by 2017.  I see dual championships 2017 and 2019 for example. The Cubs will be multi-champions by 2020. Baseball Predictions:  This is intriguing. The Cubs obviously stand out. This is something I've been writing about for two years on my Facebook, the Cubs will win two championships by 2020. When I look at the energy of the baseball teams for 2016,  The Texas Rangers have huge energy and look VERY strong. The Red Sox stand out.   I have originally picked Boston for the World Series.  The Cubs are going to be the team to beat for several years. But they will up come short in the NLCS or World Series. My pick is Boston vs Cubs. However, Cubs will fall short.  I'm unsure if they will fall short in NLCS or the World Series, they will make it as far as NLCS.   I have previously predicted Boston Red Sox as World Series Champions.   However, the Cubs will win two championships by 2020. 

Correct: Cubs are in World Series. What's ironic about the Boston connection is their ex coach Terry Franconia is coaching the Indians, while the Cubs have Theo Epstein the former GM of Boston. Could be why I was seeing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Although, the Boston Red Sox did not make it. I have been posting on Facebook since 2014,  that I saw the Cubs winning multi-championships by 2020.  The Cubs won the championship in 2016. The Cubs will have multi-year championships, although not back to back years.The prediction of the Cubs losing in the 2016 World Series was incorrect. The prediction of two-years ago for a Cubs World Series win by 2017 is correct. I will have to wait until 2020, for the prediction of two titles by then. I was off only by a month or two from this being 2017. Not bad. :)

NBA Predictions: Golden State Warriors Champions, new team will make it out of the East such as Toronto. Warriors will win it all!

Basketball, NBA news, The Cavs will have injury woes and decline in 2016.  Lebron will experience his first major injury, a knee injury.

NFL Predictions

The Patriots will win the Super Bowl.  

Correct: The Patriots won the Super Bowl. 

Carson Wentz of the Eagles will be a 6 Time All-Pro. He's this generations Dan Marino.  Carson is the next big thing, future Hall of Famer and MVP. Think Aaron Rodgers.  The Rams missed out. He could have been that with them!  

Dak Prescott of the Cowboys is a flash in the pan. If he gets benched for Tony Romo he will never reach the same heights or momentum.  The Cowboys Rookie Running Back Elliot is going to see a knee injury, hand injury, even a broken foot. He will not be some elite Hall of Famer. 

Jared Goff of the Rams. I see lots of anxiety around this player. He's headed towards an emotional anxiety attack. He may have flashes of potential. But I see 3 years around him. He will be released before his rookie contract expires. He will play for 5-6 games, get benched, be the starter again. Expect to see that pattern. 

Correct so far. Interesting enough, he didn't play at least until after the 6 game mark. He's not played well for his rookie season.

The Cardinals will be a similar team. They feel very empty. They are good on paper. Look good on paper, but will not perform when it counts.   Accurate: Cardinals  3-3-1 Record so far

The Cowboys are very incomplete. They will have players leave the team, experience injuries, and never have the best on the field together.    Accurate:  Dez Bryant has suffered injuries all season and has missed several games.

The Redskins Kirk Cousins will have flashes of success.  By Week 10, we will know who the Redskins are.  

The Broncos, I see 6 games of looking really good. That's going to be the first 6 games of the season, than I see a sudden shock, I hear a "break". A major injury will occur.  

Correct: Week 7  CJ Anderson suffered a season ending injury.

Despite the Texans losing JJ Wyatt, they will actually muster about 10 games in victories They are well coached and have a great roster.  

Correct: They had a top tier defense and advanced to the second round of the playoffs.

Matt Ryan in his career will have at least one All-Pro season where he's an elite passer. I also see Ryan eventually in one Super Bowl, but that will be a fluke, and the Falcons will struggle to be a great team year to year.   

Correct: Matt Ryan is in the Super Bowl in 2017. He was also All-Pro and MVP for this season. 


Future of Transportation

Future of Transportation

Where our country is headed on such issues as Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Censorship 2016-2020.

Where our country is headed on such issues as Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Censorship 2016-2020.