Where our country is headed on such issues as Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Censorship 2016-2020.

Where our country is headed on such issues as Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Censorship 2016-2020.

Original post: 8/20/2015


by: Justin Chase Mullins

When the next candidate secures office in the 2016 election. Expect the Planned Parenthood scandal to be addressed.   I feel strongly our country will make modifications to abortion in America.  Abortion for the most part will become illegal in the future. When I focus on abortion, I hear "changes". Expect to see modifications to how abortions are done, the rules, and regulations. There will be restrictions to how women visit the Doctor and the process itself.  I see more government regulation around the entire process.  At the very least, those who are requesting an abortion will have to go through a Government approval process involving Doctors, insurances, and paperwork.   

In regards to medical insurance. I see healthcare laws being tightened. Expect to see the government offer their own kind of insurance. The government itself will become an insurance company or regulate one specific insurance company for healthcare for the government regulated healthcare (Obamacare). We will not see a marketplace of many different providers.

Gun restrictions are on the way. We will see trade show restrictions, and how guns are sold during trade shows. Expect to see stronger background checks. I see an image of a black pistol. Certain types of guns, such as AR's for example that can fire more than one shot will be regulated.  The government will eventually even mandate what types of handguns can be owned.     

I am told this is going to equate to greater control over Immigration, and even the security of foreigners traveling to our countries from specific countries. Expect to see a ban or an increase in security on foreigners traveling from certain countries as Pakistan for example. The next leader will address immigration in such a way that we have never seen before.  This will not just be towards the Hispanic illegals. 

I feel like we are going to see a media restriction on what we can watch and how our information is shared.  The government will continue to regulate television, the internet, and other forms of media outlets.  We are shifting as a nation to greater security. All of these predictions will be seen by 2020.  We will become so focused on security, that the difficulty of getting into our countries will greatly be increased to a level of paranoia.   The next administration is going to be very critical for our lives with more restrictions and control than we can imagine.  

Expect to see modifications to the freedom of speech, and what the press can print. The Newspapers will have a new standard for what can be printed.  

Insurance will be forced. Governments will know about health conditions, mandate that certain medications are taken, and paid for.  They will require health surveys to be filled and etc.