Highlights of 2014 and 2015 Predictions

Highlights of 2014 and 2015 Predictions


I picked up on several things in 2014. I saw suicide around Jim Carrey, a famous comedian committing suicide. Two things occurred. Robin Williams committed suicide. Jim Carrey's ex girlfriend committed suicide and Carrey is now being sued.

I predicted Bill Cosby going to trial.

Texas Boarders and immigration

Jimmy Hoffa's case resurfacing

Giants World Series

Lebron returning to Cavs

Yankee legend death and patches on uniform (Yogi Berra)

Brad Pitt marriage problems

Jennifer Anistons marriage in 2015

Allegations at Elections being fixed

Yankees baseball decline

I see an image of the Constitution.There will be a change to an Amendment in 2015. (Gay Marriage was the change)

Robert Downey Jr doing Avengers only projects

More Back trouble for Tiger

Golden State Warriors surge

Arnold doing TV

Russia being aggressive with other countries

Obama restricting a trade embargo (turned out be Cuba)

Mass recall on a frozen dinner

The Rock suffering another injury

Oak Island and the vault special

2015 being Peyton Mannings final year

A major plane crash dominating headlines in 2014. "Malaysia Flight"

A big year for Matthew Mcconaughey. "True Detective, Academy Award"

A blond Hollywood star or starlet passing away of tragic circumstances. "Paul Walker"

The paranormal shows including GAC and Ghost Hunters would be on the decline. "Nick Groff Left GAC, Adam Berry and Amy Bruni left Ghost hunters." The paranormal will continue to decline in the future. Ghost Hunters was finally cancelled by 2016.

2015 Predictions (Recap)

2015 Predictions (Recap)

Paranormal and the Afterlife

Paranormal and the Afterlife