2015 Predictions (Recap)

2015 Predictions (Recap)

Predictions made March 2015

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/justin-chase-mullins/predictions-made-in-march-2015/779425958822639

Her personal life such as a wedding out of no where or a pregnancy.   I also see a major loss around Miley for the future.  This energy may carry over to 2016 at the latest. 

Jennifer Lawrence is on the verge of settling down in her life and she will have a relationship. She would fair better with a male energy that is older than her. I see her with someone at least in his 30's. 

Correct: http://www.justjared.com/2016/10/19/jennifer-lawrence-is-casually-dating-darren-aronofsky-report/

Jennifer Aniston this is all or nothing for her this year with the marriage prospects.  I see an image of a wedding. This is a major theme. If she is not married this year. She will start looking else where for a marriage partner.

Correct: Aniston married in 2015. http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/celebrity-news/jennifer-aniston-wedding-dress-pictures-justin-theroux-and-jennifer-aniston-are-married-57737

Brad Pitt.  He feels very "solo".  Expect Brad to take more trips by himself and spend time alone. I see him doing his own thing and Angelina doing hers.  I saw an image in my previous predictions for 2015 that were deleted of him sliding his wedding ring up and down on his finger. 

Correct: Brad Pitt and Jolie filed for divorce in 2016. With relationship problems occurring throughout 2015.

I see an image of a plane going down in water.  This tells me that there will be another plane crash similar to Malaysia, or actually the Malaysia flight will be found.

Correct: There is another flight similar to Malaysia disaster, with a co-pilot alleged crashing the plane into a snowy mountain,  not in water, but snow. 


An image of gold nuggets is shown and I hear the word prospecting.  Expect a focus in gold to take media attention this year and/or a gold mine will be found.  This is a gold focused year.

More ruins in Egypt will be found with ties to Cleopatra. 

There will be an advancement in space exploration and the rocket technology. Expect moves towards a new method of space traveling. A more refined space craft.



I am told there is going to be an issue with the loss of power and a plane while in flight.

Expect information to be heard on "pot farming" and "pot" becoming more of a crop that is taxed.

I am hearing that the trend of "vapping" will go away.

There is going to be a famous ship wreck discovered or parts of a ship wreck removed, such as a piece of the hull.

Information on a Native American museum will make headlines. 

An older starlet who is in her 90s will pass away this year. I also get issues in the throat area.

Arriane Griande will make headlines for love.  

I see an image that I don't understand but I am going to write it. This looks like a railway or subcar, I see an image of this railway car looking like it's been submerged, I see this being pulled out of the water. The wreckage will have to manually be removed.

Correct:  http://news.yahoo.com/amtrak-train-derails-killing-5-people-investigation-begins-073410531--finance.html

A famous building with ties to Italy, and/or Europe is going to be destroyed or vandalized. I see this being some type of clock tower or bell tower, near a church.  

For Major League baseball teams with blue uniforms will have a good year. I see lots of blues.  Expect a big year, as shocking as this sounds from the New York Mets. I saw them in the World Series. But even I am skeptical of that!

Correct: The New York Mets were in the World Series

I see the Denver Bronco's making headlines in 2015.  When I focus on the NFL I see lots of orange.  I also see an image of the Seahawks. 

Correct: The Denver Bronco's were the  Super Bowl Champions during the 2015 season.

When I focus on the Aaron Hernandez trial. I see the image of a pistol and I also hear a female testimony on what she saw.

Hernandez fiancee testifies seeing gun similar to alleged murder. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger I am hearing will be apart of a TV mini series.   

Correct: He took over for Trump as the host of the Apprentice. 

Big year for Dinosaurs. Expect the Jurassic Park sequel to do well. 

Correct: Jurassic Park set box office records.

I see an image of policeman. There is going to be more issues with cops, I see a riot shield. Expect another riot this year.

Correct: Very correct. 2015-2016 were horrific for police protests and shootings.

Vaping feels like a trend and it's not all that good for you

Where our country is headed on such issues as Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Censorship 2016-2020.

Where our country is headed on such issues as Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Censorship 2016-2020.

Highlights of 2014 and 2015 Predictions

Highlights of 2014 and 2015 Predictions