After the Election

A Trump victory will mean several things. He will have a plan of action. But the action will be very heavy, and very swift. I do foresee that our country would be in a World War within his first term, and our country would be attacked from another major country.  The two countries that would be agaisn't us are Russia and China.  This will result in a fight for the Middle East oil. Our country would go down a path of where we are divided into a separation of states.   I see various states dividing away. Or even other countries trying to take over those fractions, I see a division of three.  Our currency will change. Our economy will crash.   Trump has a fire energy and a war energy. That would spread throughout the world. He feels very aggressive and radical.  Translation:  Expect to see states succeed from the union. America will go from 50 states to at least 48, or even 47! One of the states will be California. 


Regardless of who wins. I'm still seeing the major problems that I have discussed in several other posts on my website regarding the future of healthcare, and our freedoms. We are headed towards a more controlled country, where many of our freedoms will be restricted and regulated.