Villisca Axe Murder House

I first attempt to make contact with the killer. One male comes forward.  He tells me that he lurks in the dark, and in the shadows. He lingers around the closest, any kind of crawl spaces or cubby holes, and in the attic.  I hear him with a very threatening dialogue, lots of cuss words, he's very vulgar and vile.

The Axe Murder house does have a negative entity that presides. The entity takes on the form of children, and can be very threatening to others. I am hearing the entity will lure people in through kids, and than strike when they least expect it.  (Although, due to the horrific nature of the crime, the energy of the family and residual imprints of the murder still resides even today).

The male that I am communicating with is holding an axe. I see tattoo's on his knuckles or something going on with the knuckles (this could have occurred even years after the murders).  The man that has come forward is not a young man, he appears to be at least in his late 30's-40's, if not even older. He is very dirty. He has darker hair that is not slicked back, the hair is a little big on top, and short on the sides. Not like an Afro for example, but the hair is not slicked down with gel, and he has a mustache.

I see him wearing pants, and a blue flannel jacket.  He also may even wear attire that is more common for his time, but the clothes are worn, and very dirty. He's also missing a tooth or even has a silver tooth for example. He is very dirty. Very filthy.  He also works a very blue-collar job. He's in a job that travels.  I see him chewing tobacco.  He's also a hitch-hiker or has a tendency to drift.  I hear the word circus. He may not literally be in the circus, but he travels like the circus. I also see a logging connection or a train connection. A strong connection to blue-collar work among men.  He also carries a white-handkerchief. I see the white handkerchief being dirty, he has issues with his throat and coughs into the white=handkerchief.  His teeth are very dirty. Mentally, he's not very sharp. What I mean by this is, he's not someone who is highly intelligent or a high IQ. There's a sense of violence with him, he's missing a few marbles (so to speak).  He also spent some time in the home, while everyone was not at the house, and then he lurked around while they were. He watched people sleep.  I also see him starting with a female first. He enjoyed killing the females. He has a perversion towards the younger female children.  I see him being more brutal with the boys in the killings. He has a connection to Tobacco he is a Tobacco user.

I see another man clean shaved. A little stocky although not much. He appears to be built very well and not rail-thin. Bigger forehead. Full head of hair. Looks very stern and serious. Not the murderer. But rather the father.

Also heard the name Frank.  The killer has a Christian name. He will also have a nickname or variation of his name. For example, Johnathan is Johnny or Matthew is Matty or M. There is a J name associated with the home, family or murder.  The M initial is associated with the family.

The Father of the home that was murdered. I see him as somewhat of a teacher. He has a connection for education, or he tried to bring that in the home. He feels very religious and of the Faith. The Mother of the home had compassion.  But she was a little bit reserved and quiet. I see two girls, and at least one boy that stands out. These are all children.  This is a very religious family, that is very reserved, well-mannered and disciplined. 

I ask the murderer why he committed the crimes, "He said because he could." He also strikes me as very jealous and jealous of their clean home.  The home appears very neat. I see boxed food. I see a red truck or box car toy.  I see what looks like a little fire truck.   I am also hearing the killer left on a train, and road out of town after briefly returning to work. He also has killed and killed again. With the same method and escape upon jumping on a train. He was jealous of the family and the home. The murderer had run in's with the law, and served various stints in prison.  The murderer went on to live a full life. I see him living at least another 20-30 years after the crimes.  He had an awareness of the family. A passing of sorts in public. He also stood outside of their home, and would watch from a tree. I see him carrying a brown bag in his arms with the bag folded. The brown paper bag had his belongings and contents.  He was somewhat of a drifter. Afterwards,  he carried newspaper clippings of the crime. I see the newspaper clippings crinkled up and not very neat. He was not a very neat person, intelligent, or organized. I do not see him hired for the murder or put up to committing the murder by another party. He sought this family out. He watched them. He had a jealously and a perversion. He is also mentally unfit, with a sense of rage about him. The rage is unnatural and the anger is very unnatural. He is a very angry person. He suffers from a mental condition and does not have much kindness.  I don't see him easily fitting in with society or crowds.

Lastly, I look at how the case could be solved. I'm hearing there's several overlooked things a few years after the murder. I'm hearing it's in the newspapers. I see 1915, and 1920.  There's old reportings and facts that have been discarded over time.