The Black Dilaha

The Black Dilaha

This Cold Case been on my mind for several days. While literally driving my car I have been shown information from the victim. I have been guided to make the shift of working several cold-cases.  I know limited information on the case. I have never been to LA, or anywhere on the West Coast. 

When I tune in to Elizabeth Short. I am shown various men and information. I am seeing a two-story house that resembles a farmhouse, the house is white, the location looks rural.  I am hearing this location is away from Los Angeles.   Elizabeth is telling me that she traveled a great distance to LA from where she has come from. 

I hear the name John or Johnny or Farmer John.  The John name will have his profession in front of his name, with a J or John type of name. He will not literally be a farmer.  

I'm shown a man. This is how I mentally see him, he is wearing a lime green suit,  I see dress pants, I see him wearing a white-wife beater type of tank-top, and he wears a hat.  He looks a little bit like a boxer. He smokes.  He has connections to a Butcher.  He may have learned the Butchering trade in his youth. There is a military connection there as well. He looks to be in his late 30's or 40's. He has short dark hair. A very square jaw. Clean shaved.  I compare him to a hired-thug.  Very Mob like. He is a heavy smoker. He knew her. Had knowledge of her.  She knew immediately that she was in trouble after the first few minutes of the car-ride, she sat in the back.  There's a sense of drinking around him. I hear the name Butcher or that word comes in. He may even wear a jacket or shirt around his waist or have a photo similar to that, I keep seeing the green pants and white wife-beater tank top. 

She's telling me about Doctors around her. I see a man with a mustache. He's a collector of species.  I also want to add that when she got into the car.  She knew who the driver was.  She had an awareness of him. They even had somewhat of a friendship and have interacted in the past. She was aware that the man with the crime or mob connections was very angry with her. She was avoiding this man, because of previous fears.  She got in the car because she had to, and at first she was under the impression that maybe things would be okay.  After several minutes in the car, she knew that entering the car was a death sentence, that things were not okay, and she was on her way to die. She knew this because of the interaction between the driver and her. Things have changed and were different. She had an ominous feeling. The surgeon was also very tall, or appeared tall.  There's a contrast between him, and the driver of at least 4 inches in height. The surgeon was not 6-5 or anything crazy, but he is anywhere between 5ft-11 and 6ft 2 or 6ft 1.  He is lighter in weight, very slender.  I see him being older in age. He is not a young man. His hair is darker and slicked back. The hair is also receding on-top. I see dark gray cotton slacks or black slacks. They are worn. They are faded. They are not new clothes. He's also wearing a long sleeve stripped white button up shirt with a darker vest. He appears to be in his late 50's or 60's in age. 

I keep on hearing about a location 100 miles away from LA.  The location may not literally be 100 miles away. I do not see the murder taking place in downtown LA. She was taken somewhere with farmland, that is remote, with brown or dead grass. I'm from the Appalachian Mountains, so this looks nothing like where I live. She was not murdered anywhere inside of the city. At the very least, this could be a district or section outside of LA.  The two-story white house, has a building out back,  and/or some type of barn. The home was formally a hospital or a type of surgical facility that has not been in major use. This is not an active home, it appears to be abandoned, such as a business or medical practice has left.  I see the surgical room downstairs. I see surgical equipment.  The room where many of the acts were committed had a window view. Also, salt water was near or in the air.

Another location, that I was seeing visions of, but did not see during completing this session was a smaller white house that is in LA or the outskirts of LA. The house is one story, with a garage or building to the right of the house. I do not see the building, directly behind the house, but to the right of the house. This looks more like a residence. 

I keep hearing the word Jealous.  Jealousy.   I hear the name Michael, or a name that rhymes with Michael, such as Car-Michael.  I hear Ventura or Ventura Street.  I hear pick up.  I see a white town-car, the car looks like something out of the 40's. I see her picked up at a hotel.  She is picked up by this Mob-like type of guy, the man that resembles a boxer.  He's very stocky. Looks like he's 5ft 7, 5ft 8, 215 or 220 pounds for example. He's not rail thin.  He's talking about going to the movies. He's driving around.  I'm also hearing that she was punched or hit to the face. I hear abuse. 

I see several things. I see farm animals, horses.   I also hear Doctor. She was taken to someone that had money. He did experiments. He strikes me as like a Nazi Doctor, in just the way he was inhumane and cold blooded.  She also upset someone in organized crime, think of a mob type of connection.  She was hanging out with the wrong people. I see three men and a type of club scene, with music playing.  I hear three men and I see her with them in a group.
She got in the wrong crowd. She was with someone that she wasn't suppose to be with. This was taken as a great offense.  

I'm also hearing that several of her personal items are in the hands of private collectors. I also see what looks like a silver necklace with a pendant, the pendant is circular, like an hour glass for example, it may even open up.  I'm hearing bathtub of blood, pool of blood, I see sheep. I hear slaughter.   Her death was in such of a way to say, "Hey don't cross this person. This is what happens when you mess with us." This was meant to send a message to someone who worked for others in organized crime.  There's also a connection to the LAPD, to a police chief or someone in law enforcement. 

I believe that she went to some kind of farm or facility. I see dead grass or brown grass. This looks very dessert like, but this is a community that is remote that doesn't grow much grass.  The town has an F initial. I see what looks like a windmill.  The land may not literally be farm land, but it's not filled with luscious green grass. The land and home is different in layout than modern California. 

She was taken to a Doctors house who was hired and worked for the organized crime.  The Doctor was very skinny. Shorter hair that is longer on front. Smaller Glasses. He would wore an apron, big gloves.. The Doctor would have done autopsy's or been very surgically proficient. I see an autopsy connection around him.  

There's a connection between her and someone in law enforcement too, such as an investigator.

She's telling me that she was hit hard in the face, there was gashes on her body or near the throat.  She was tortured, there was even needles shoved in her hand. Blood was taken. Bodily fluids were taken.  She was kept alive in a horrible state.   Someone with connections in organized crime did not like her being with rival men. I hear the name F. Such as Frank for example. I hear a strong F name on someone that had a connection with her death.  Frank stands out.

She's also telling me that items related to her were buried even not far from where she was left. I am hearing ripped clothes also.  I am trying to make the message out,  Don't feel sorry for me, or feel sorry for me, I'm a victim. I was raped. She's also showing me a Grandmother or Mother type of figure, she's wearing a farm dress, her hair is put back. She's telling me that she misses her. She let down the family with her values. How she lived.  I also see gambling around her.  I see an image of Poker Chips or a Casino type of vibe.   She thought that she knew what was best. She got involved with the wrong men who gave big promises in her career. She was used, and abused. I see a sense of prostitution or at the very least having numerous partners each night. More or less being in a situation of looking for someone to help her.   The Mother type of figure has a name like Maggie or May.

In conclusion. With what Elizabeth has shared. Her murder was committed by someone with major organized crime connections. She is telling me, this murder was similar to a "hit" that was placed on her by someone who was very jealous, and in power. She was with a group of 3 men, this angered the person in power.  She was taken to a Doctor or Surgeon who did work for the organized crime. Her murder was to make a point, not to mess with the crime organization.  The head of the organization who placed the hit, who was very jealous, strikes me as like an Al Capone type of person, although this was not literally Al Capone. I see a flashy, pin striped type of suit, a bigger face, clean shaved, parted dark hair. I see big lips, and weight and a strong jaw.  The connection that he had to the LAPD resulted in the investigation not being conducted properly and several avenues not being explored.  The surgical doctor was someone that worked for hire, who conducted several murders, body disposals, and etc. Elizabeth was not the first victim or the last.  The Doctor that committed the murder was in financial need.  

After the Election

After the Election

I am that I am

I am that I am