I am that I am

First of all, I draw great inspiration from the teachings and work of Dr. Wayne Dyer. He was a true visionary.  Some of my post is drawing inspiration from his teachings. He was a true scholar who drew inspirations from various people in the past, and present.  I have the hope that at least one person will find betterment from the powerful information that I'm sharing.  I will blend several of his teaching with my own insights and guidance from Spirit. 

I say this without EGO. I see allot of misguided people in the world, especially on Social Media. I've certainly fallen into the same familiar traps before. Everything is energy. Keep in mind the quality of your thoughts, how you think, and spend your time expressing yourself. If you constantly discuss your problems online or with friends in conversation you are making your problems grow. If you constantly are expressing yourself in a negative away, you exert negative energy. Negative attracts negative. It's hard to have a quality day when you are focusing on what you dislike, who you dislike, or your problems. Instead, make a shift. Start focusing on what you have going for you in your life. That can be your health (something allot of people don't have), your life (in your physical body), a roof over your head, food in your belly and etc. 

We are all one and connected. We come from the same source. Instead of viewing people as being your way. Start to come from a place of love. In the Old Testament, Moses asked God, "What is your name? I am that I am," said God. Your thoughts and your declarations are under God's authority. When you put I am in-front of what you are, even in mental thoughts. You stay in that place. For example, if you say or think, "I am unhappy, I am over weight, and etc." You attract those problems and keep yourself in that place.  We all have experience depression in our life, negative thoughts, and self-defeating behaviors.  Negative thoughts are hard to navigate, work-through, and process.   

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. Start using the power of your mind. Throughout the day. Repeat over and over, what you are in your mind with your "I am's or your positive thoughts". Even if you start having negative thoughts, mentally process your I am's." Many people believe since we are Spiritual Beings from God, one with God, and God is one with us, we have the power to even heal our own bodies. Literally tell yourself, I am healthy for example. Mentally envision your body healing. Command your body to heal with the power of thoughts.  Energy is everything.  As Spiritual Beings who are connected to others, we can feel the energy of others. For example, if someone talks or thinks you, good or bad, you will find yourself mentally thinking of the person.  When an obsessive person thinks about you or focuses on you, what you will find is obsessively feeling the persons energy. What I recommend is commanding your mind.  Mentally create safe guards in your mind. Tell yourself with a mental command. I do not allow this person or this energy in my life. I recommend creating your I am's, mentally for you. Do not share these with others. Do not seek approval of others.   

One thing to keep in mind is the difference between your EGO and Higher Self. Our Higher-Self is our Spiritual Essence.  I compare our whole human experience to the movies Avatar and Matrix.  Our bodies are our meat suits. They are temporary. I believe that our Higher Self is in "The Afterlife" already, and at the same time driving this body.  As we experience death in our human form, our human essence merges with the Higher Self.   The Higher-Self is love in it's purest. Think of the Higher-Self as being a Spiritual-Being without hate or negative feelings, with human feelings and human concerns. The EGO is the negative aspect of our human thoughts. The EGO takes everything personally. The EGO becomes jealous. The EGO is competitive. It's important mentally to check with the Higher Self.   The Higher Self is like God or Spirit, a great source of love, and compassion. I recommend mentally sending thoughts to your Higher Self.  It's also beneficial to take a brief time out to ask yourself, "Is this behavior good for me? Is this EGO talking? Or my Higher or Spiritual Self?"

A few examples of EGO in the Psychic Medium world is the mindset of thoughts of "being the best, or right, or how good you were in the reading". When the process has nothing to do with you. It's about Spirit. It's about delivering the information, as is.  Examples in the workplace are the thoughts of, "Why did my co-worker get the promotion over me? He or she gets all the special treatment." You get the general idea on the point that I'm attempting to make. The EGO wants to retaliate. The EGO is in a constant state of disappointment or grief. Once you become in touch with your Higher Self, separate from your EGO, you will begin to view others as EGO driven or "material world driven".  Although, judging others is another example of EGO! So don't do that!    To be realistic, this mindset will be difficult. No matter what, EGO will come into play every day of your life. It's important to realize when the EGO is taking over, and to have awareness.  No one is perfect!

It's human nature to be self-critical.  Many of us have a tendency to be liked or beloved.  That is not going to be a reality. We will and have encountered people who have instantly disliked us for no reason at all.  We have encountered people in our past who may have a poor opinion of who we are.  It's important to be authentic to who you are today. Instead of having a sense of guilt, or a sense of why does this person not like me?  Focus on coming from a place of love. I am recommend using the "I am love and/or I am loved."  It's powerful to realize that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience.  Your past behaviors and past problems is all towards your Spiritual Growth.  Realize that you have made mistakes in your past. Accept it's for your Spiritual Growth, let go of the mistakes and move on.  Do not allow people to hold guilt trips on the basis of the person that you used to be. Do not give these people an audience to hurt you. It's human-nature for others to abuse power. A type of abuse is having control over how you feel. Become in touch with your Higher Self.  EGO may even influence you on the basis of getting even, arguing, or "showing the person" not to mess with you.  As you raise your vibrations from the change to your thoughts. You will begin to shift away from those with that type of behavior. You will find yourself fighting less, and caring about those with a poor opinion.  John Wooden said, "Be concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

Challenge yourself to come from a place of love. I actually do not recommend a Vision Board.  Instead, process these thoughts daily. When you literally find yourself being self-critical or negative, mentally process your "I am's". I process these thoughts throughout my day, including while driving. If you tend to attractive negative people throughout your life. Mentally say, I do not want to attract these type of people anymore.  Let's face it, society is a mess at times, you may still attract these types of energies. The frequency of encountering these types of energies will lower.  If you want to lose weight, start with the positive thoughts of, I am losing weight, my body is in fat burning mode, I am cautious of what I eat, and etc.  Your thoughts do not have to solely be "I am based".  But rather, you may group your I am's with other thoughts that are positive.  Finally, another powerful thing to privately think to yourself is, "I am God, and God is one with me." We are all creations of God, we are directly connected and tied to God's energy.  We have access to such divine Spiritual Power that can be used in this world. I believe strongly that everyone has the gift of intuition, and can access that gift. I am saving that for another post. All that I'm asking is to meet me half-way. Try this way of thinking for several weeks, and let me know if this works for you!