Predictions on Healthcare and Internet Regulations

The government will continue to regulate all aspects of our life.  The plan for Obamacare has always been to fail.  I am seeing a future of having a single insurance company, essentially, the government will provide healthcare and regulate healthcare.  

We are also going to see strict regulation when it comes to the Internet.  The Internet will eventually be taxed like a Utility, such as electricity and treated like a Utility with more restrictions and regulations.  By subscribing/purchasing the Internet Utility, the Government will have in the terms and conditions that they reserve the right to monitor our usage.  I am seeing more regulation and security around phone calls, emails and etc.  Essentially, the Government will directly make it known they have the right to monitor and observe our phone calls.  Think the Patriot Act, think the Snowden controversy. 

I wrote in a previous blog that we will be forced to eventually have the computerized machine driving. I see that happening by 2020 in phases.  The first phase will be mandatory for people that have DUI's, of a certain age "young and old". The second phase will be that insurances will have penalties "eventually not even cover people that drive themselves". The criteria to drive a car will become very strict, we will see a yearly fee to drive a car, and lawsuits occurring from accidents where people are actually driving. 

I am also seeing a one Government banking system. The other banks will negotiate deals or eventually become absorbed into one bank. I also see our currency changing where cash is banned, and everything is electronic. The mindset will be again...more regulation!

Check out my other blogs to review the future of Government Regulations. The future President will have quick action when it comes to Guns, Abortions, Healthcare, and all aspects of how we live our life.  Individual freedoms will be restricted and everything we do will continue to become regulated.