Trump, Clinton, and Presidency

This was originally published on 10-12, but I removed the post from my site. I originally removed the post in a shift of getting away from both politics and public predictions. I am restating this article with the below proof of the original post. I removed this blog from the deleted bin and reinstated it. The publish date will say 12-15. However it was originally published on 10-12.  The reason for reinstating this article was the current news on Trump, Russia, and the election. 


Several days ago, I actually was feeling that victims would emerge in relation to Trump, I thought this would be in a matter of days. I don't always share every insight that I have on my website or Facebook. In regards to politics, these days that is a conversation that I sometimes try to avoid, because it's so negative! There was a news out break with victims coming forward. What you are going to find is that almost every Republican will turn agaisn't Trump. However, Clinton will have more dirt emerge on her in the matter of days. I do foresee that Trump has a connection to WikiLeaks. His energy is directly tied to that. Expect to see some major things emerge on Clinton. However, what has emerged with Trump's alleged victims is enough to end his chance of victory in the election. He will face pressure to resign actually and have someone else take his place. The backlash will be tough. But there's more major things coming out with Clinton. She has her own political machine "main stream media, donors and etc". While Trump's energy is connected to Hackers, Wikileaks, and Russia.  Although, Russia is going to become a severe problem. A Trump Presidency would lead to war with Russia. A Clinton Presidency will involve more shady dealings and she would keep prolong the War. 

Literally, Hillary will have more email controversy emerge. Trump's campaign is directly aware of what emails are available in the hack, and I am hearing the campaign has a release plan in place.  The emails will come out in waves.  Trump would only resign to save his "brand", his "money", and to stop the attacks. To spell it out, if he's in danger of becoming another "Bill Cosby" in reference to scandal.  The deal to resign would be a backdoor deal to stop the attacks, while all of the victims, and claims would  vanish. These attacks are apart of the Clinton smear machine. Everything is an illusion in that regards.  Some of the victims will be propaganda to harm his election. With that being said, the deal is more likely to be Trump staying in the election but not releasing damaging emails.  It's more favorable to Clinton for Trump to stay in the election.  However, if the backdoor deal is declined. The Emails that will be emerge are going to involve Benghazi, FBI Corruption, Arms Deals, financing/donations with shady political ties. The next several weeks will be one of the most controversial in American political history. 

Surprisingly, Clinton becoming President would be a good thing.  She will be a historical disaster, but not cause the damage that Trump would as President. He would ignite War World 3, and we would lose the war. I see a scenario, where the United States would be divided in several regions to several different countries.  Currently, our military has been depleted, and our country is corrupt.  Trump has very big and large energy. He would take big chances. Lots of hits and misses.  His policies would anger essentially the "International New World Order". I clearly see Clinton able to avoid war, while Trump would jump-start our destruction as a nation.   I'm certainly not a fan of Hillary. Although, she is the lesser of the two very big evils.  We will see something similar to a International New World Order in our life time. Those steps are very apparent with the purposed International Trade deals.  Trump has President would lead to a war with Russia, with China as our enemy as well.  Russia would be the aggressor, and China very patient before striking. This would revolve around the Middle East.  The Clinton Presidency is going to lead to the restrictions that I have discussed in other blogs.  Our Government is going to restrict and control all that we do. We will see historical changes.